What Size Vacuum Storage Bag Do I Need?

How much can you get into a vacuum storage bag? The question is simple, but the answer is not. Obviously, there are different sizes of vacuum storage bags, but the real problem is that there isn’t a standard acceptance of what constitutes a particular size, so a Neusu® Large might have the same dimensions as another manufacturer’s ‘Extra Large’.

A guide to vacuum storage bag sizes

To help our customers (and also hopefully some soon-to-be customers), we’re put together this comprehensive size guide for vacuum storage bags. To make it as useful as possible we’ve given you the dimensions of each bag size and then gone into detail about what you can get into each, so even if you’re not a Neusu customer and have someone else’s storage bags, you can compare the dimensions and work out what you can store in each.

As well writing this Help page, we’ve produced a series of videos that we’ve uploaded to YouTube, so you can see each bag size in operation and see how much stuff you can get in and how well they can compress, but to start off we’ve produced an overview video that goes through all the different sizes in one go showing you what fits in each. Again, it highlights the dimensions of each so you can use it as a guide for any vacuum storage bags.

Travel Rolls (60cm x 40cm)
Although not full vacuum storage bags, these are space-saver bags, so we included them in the overview video and therefore they deserve a mention here. These are 60cm x 40cm and they are suitable for a few clothes and a towel.

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Medium (70cm x 50cm)

The Medium size is 70cm x 50cm and can fit in a significant number of clothes or some towels. You can use it for jumpers (though bulky winter jumpers need the Large size), but it isn’t big enough for bedding.

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Large (80cm x 60cm)

The Large size is 80cm x 60cm and can be used to store a lot of clothes including bulky winter jumpers, or items like thick towels or curtains. When it comes to bedding, you can fit pillows, but not much more into a bag this size.

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Extra Large (100cm x 70cm)

The Extra Large size is 100cm x 70cm and can be used to store double duvets, pillows, towels, curtains and clothes. It’s not big enough for king size duvets, but it will still allow you to pack away a large amount of bedding or wardrobes.

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Jumbo (130cm x 100cm)

The Jumbo size is 130cm x 100cm . These bags are huge. Really big! They can store multiple duvets, such as a king size winter duvet and a double duvet in the same bag. If you are looking to pack away the winter bedding and want to get the whole winter wardrobe packed at the same time, then a pack of these will do the job! But if you want to make life easier, or have multiple king size winter duvets, you might want to consider the last size…

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That should give you an idea of what size vacuum storage bag you need to order or use for what ever you need to pack away. All the Neusu bags featured in this guide can be bought from Amazon (EU) and if you’ve found this useful, please click “Like” on some of the videos on YouTube or leave a comment on them. Thank you.