Help & Advice

We have worked hard to ensure that Neusu® products are really good, so obviously we want you to get the most from them. Every product that needs assembling or can benefit from help comes with instructions, all written by a native speaker in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish (depending on where you buy a Neusu product).

But we think there’s more we can do, so this section is chock full of extra help pieces, whether that is help on sizing, advice on how to get the most from a product or just quick top tips for best performance. Where we can, we’ve also recorded videos on the products and on using them, added them to the Neusu YouTube Channel and embedded them in the Help pages.

Help & Advice Pages

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If there’s a subject with which you’d like help, please get in touch and we’ll gladly get you an answer, and if we think it’s something that might interest other people, we may even add a new advice page on it.