Vacuum Storage Bag Tips

If you’ve read our Complete Guide to Using Vacuum Storage Bags Correctly, you should know how to get the best from your space saving bags, but we’ve also got a couple of top tips for ensuring your bags don’t let you down.

You can watch our tips video below, or read on for our list of expert tips.

#1 Buy a good quality bag
This is always going to sound like a sales pitch, but make sure that you buy the right bag for your needs. All our bags are high quality – we only produce Premium Storage Bags and Heavy Duty Storage Bags – but other manufacturers can cut corners, notably in using cheaper, lower quality plastic for the bags, which can split.

#2 Get the right bag for your purpose
As well as getting the right quality of bag, ensure you get the right size – overfilling bags is the most common reason for them not closing properly.

If you want to store coats, jackets or dresses, use the EasyStore Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags.

#3 Close the zip slowly
Ensure there’s an inch of room between the zip and the bag contents if you can, and seal the zip slowly. Pushing the clip across the zip too quickly is the number one cause of damage to vacuum storage bags as people slice through the bag with the clip. Closing it slowly also gives you time to check that every millimetre of the zip has clipped – even the tiniest part missed will result in air leaking in. Feed the zip ahead of the clip as you close it.

#4 Check the zip!
OK, we know we’re sounding like a broken record, but check the zip! If your bag appears to be leaking, we can pretty much guarantee that it’s because you’ve missed a tiny part of the zip, and it’s normally at either end of the zip. Use your finger and thumb and press together at either end of the zip on the bag to ensure that it is fully closed. If it isn’t, you hear it click together. Then run your finger and thumb along the zip to check for any missing parts.

#5 Quick storage without the vacuum cleaner
If you just need to quickly put some things away and don’t have the time or inclination to get out the vacuum cleaner, put your items in the vacuum storage bag, and then seal the zip almost all the way. Roll the bag or press down on it to remove most of the air, and with it held down, close the rest of the zip. With it all closed, you can then roll or press down on the bag again to force more air out of the one way valve. It won’t be as good as using vacuum cleaner, but it will save your space and be quick.

#6 Leave the valve accessible
Any vacuum storage bag will leak in a tiny amount of air over months (any more than that and see tip #4), so if you want to keep the bags as tight as possible, store them in such a way that the valve is accessible. then every so often when you are vacuuming, just unscrew the cap and pop the vacuum cleaner nozzle on to suck out any air that has seeped in.

Got a problem using your vacuum storage bags? Check out our solutions to common vacuum storage bag problems.

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