Medium Premium Travel Rolls

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6 Medium Travel Bags, 35cm x 50cm

  • 80 Micron PA & PE, 33% better and stronger than standard duty bags
  • 6 Travel bags – 35cm x 50cm; ideal for hand luggage
  • No pump or vacuum cleaner required – just roll the bags up
  • Get more into your suitcase and protect the clothes from spillages

Customer Reviews for Neusu® Medium Premium Travel Rolls

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With airlines charging for hold luggage, many people want a travel bag that can help them get more clothes into their hand luggage. That’s exactly where these Medium Premium Travel Rolls come in. At 35cm x 50cm, they are the perfect size for packing extra into a small carry-on piece of luggage.

Of course you can always use them with a proper suitcase too if you want to compartmentalise your clothes, so use one for shirts and one for underwear, etc, but for larger items, we recommend using one of the bigger sizes of travel roll.

As with the other travel rolls, using these for hand luggage couldn’t be easier. Fill the bag, seal it and then roll it down to force the air out of the special air channel opening at the bottom. Straighten the bag out and pop the compressed bag into your holdall.