Medium Heavy Duty Travel Rolls

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Heavy Duty Travel Vacuum Rolls

6 Medium Travel Bags, 35cm x 50cm.

  • 110 Micron PA & PE, 80% better and stronger than standard duty bags
  • 6 Travel bags – 35cm x 50cm; ideal for hand luggage
  • No pump or vacuum cleaner required – just roll the bags up
  • Get more into your suitcase and protect the clothes from spillages

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The Medium size travel rolls are the smallest we produce and are designed for use with hand luggage or for smaller items. The can fit about 6 T-Shirts into one bag, or underwear, etc. They are ideal for helping you just make use of hand luggage on a short trip and avoid the extra cost and hassle of putting bags in the hold.

If you want to compartmentalise larger cases with clothes for specific days or people, you can, but bear in mind the smaller capacity of these bags and consider one of the larger sizes if you need more space. However, in terms of usage, they remain simple – fill up the bag, close the zip and roll firmly on a hard surface. Straighten the bag out and then place it in your suitcase or holdall.

These 35cm x 50cm heavy duty roll up bags have also found a strong following with cyclists who use them for getting clothes into panniers and keeping things dry either as a change of clothes or for when cycling overnight somewhere.