Large Heavy Duty Travel Rolls

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Heavy Duty Travel Vacuum Rolls

6 Large Travel Bags, 40cm x 60cm.

  • 110 Micron PA & PE, 80% better and stronger than standard duty bags
  • 6 Travel bags – 40cm x 60cm; ideal for general travel needs
  • No pump or vacuum cleaner required – just roll the bags up
  • Get more into your suitcase and protect the clothes from spillages

Customer Reviews for Neusu® Large Heavy Duty Travel Rolls

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The Large size of travel rolls remains the most popular because they are the most versatile and best combination of size and usefulness. They are big enough to pack in a reasonable amount of clothes, but small enough to fit into suitcases.

While not big enough for bulky jumpers or coats, they can fit light jumpers, T-Shirts, trousers and dresses. You’ll need to use a couple of bags to fill up a standard suitcase, but the packs contain 6 bags so should be adequate.

Fill the bag up, seal it and the roll the air out of the channel at the bottom. Straighten the bag back out and put it in your luggage.

For larger items, and for example for skiing, we recommend considering the Extra Large or the Assorted Packs which give you two bags of every size.