Heavy Duty Travel Rolls With Valves

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Heavy Duty Travel Rolls With Valves

Dual function vacuum storage bags in heavy duty 110 Microns.

  • 110 Micron PA & PE, 80% better and stronger than standard duty bags (60 Microns)
  • 6 Travel bags – Available in Large, Extra Large and Assorted
  • Dual Use – Roll up or use with vacuum cleaner
  • Get more into your suitcase and protect the clothes from spillages
Very simple and incredibly useful. Wish I had come across these sooner.
Fred, 9/9/16
The pinnacle of travel rolls! These bags are made from the strongest 110 Micron plastic like our heavy duty vacuum storage bags. These bags though are dual use, so as with our Heavy Duty Travel Rolls, you can fill the bags up, seal them and then roll them to force the air out of the air channel at the bottom by hand, but you can also seal them and then use the one-way valve and extract the air from them with a vacuum cleaner just as with the standard vacuum bags.

This means that when you are packing at home to go away, you can put your clothes in neatly and then vacuum out the air. This reduces (though does not stop completely) creasing as you haven’t had to scrunch the pack up. It also gets the maximum amount of air out of the bag. Then, when you are coming home from your trip and don’t have access to the vacuum cleaner, you can just put the clothes in the bag and roll it (you need to be firm as these are strong bags – just follow the instructions in the booklet on the front of the pack) and as you are on your way home not worry about creasing too much.

The bags are available in two sizes, Large (40cm x 60cm) and Extra Large (50cm x 70cm) and Assorted (3 of each size), but not in the smaller size as they do not roll well in small sizes with a valve.

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