Heavy Duty Home & Travel Pack

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The perfect all-in-one pack complete with free pump.

The perfect all-in-one pack complete with free pump.

  • 110 Micron PA & PE, 80% better and stronger than standard duty bags
  • 3 Medium bags – 70cm x 50cm, and 3 Large bags – 80cm x 60cm
  • Free hand pump included, though at home standard vacuum cleaner can also be used
  • Perfect for travel and for around the house

Customer Reviews for Neusu® Heavy Duty Home & Travel Pack

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Good and strong … these are the very best I have ever used .
Lin, 26/2/15
The Neusu Heavy Duty Home and Travel pack includes three full version Medium vacuum storage bags (70cm x 50cm) and three Large vacuum storage bags (80cm x 60cm). Both are made from the highest quality 110 Micron plastic so are puncture and tear resistant. These can be used at home with a vacuum cleaner to store clothes, or for use when going away with the manual pump that comes for free as part of the pack.

If you need to do a bit of organising around the house, and don’t want to get the vacuum cleaner, you can of course use the manual pump instead. It is very effective and produces a level of compression similar to the vacuum cleaner.

If you are looking for Travel Rolls in 110 Microns, then we recently launched two new variations based on demand from our customers. As well as this Home & Travel pack with pump, we now also have Heavy Duty Travel Rolls with valves, which are dual use vacuum travel bags that have a valve for use with a vacuum cleaner but also feature an air channel that allows you to roll the air out. A step down from these we have the Heavy Duty Travel Rolls, which are the same quality 110 Microns plastic, but just have the air channel for rolling, not the valve.