Travel Storage Bags

Product Details
Size bags and a free pump.

Six bags and a free pump.

  • Both versions for pumps and without available
  • Premium 80 Micron thickness (33% better than standard) and 110 Micron (pump version only)
  • Can be used for travel and around the home
  • Simple to use and very effective

As well as the Neusu® range of vacuum storage bags for the home, we also produce storage bags for travel. These come in two formats.

Travel Vacuum Bags

The first is the Home & Travel Pack, which is available in both Premium and Heavy Duty and features fully functioning vacuum storage bags complete with double zip close and one-way valves. The Home & Travel Packs come complete with a free manual pump, so you can use the vacuum cleaner when at home and take the manual pump with you to use on holiday. This is the perfect pack for the home and holiday, as it includes 3 medium and 3 large vacuum storage bags.

The second is a set of Premium Travel Storage Rolls. These don’t require a pump or vacuum cleaner and you simply roll the air out and seal the bags up.

» Heavy Duty Home & Travel Pack
» Premium Home & Travel Pack
» Premium Travel Rolls