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We rarely do price promotions on Amazon as we already offer most of our products there at below our own full price, so this really is a good way to make a saving.

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Stackable Bedding Storage

Neusu® Website gets Winter 2016 Update

As well updating our website with all of this month’s new product launches, we have responded to feedback and added a host of new functionality to Neusu®.com to make it more useful to our customers.

The first big addition is a new email newsletter, which we’re launching early in 2017, and that you can sign up for now on the website. Anyone who signs up will get our exclusive Vacuum Storage Bags Tips sheet delivered straight to their inbox. It’s absolutely packed with all the best ways of making the most and getting the best performance from your vacuum bags and is in addition to the instruction booklets that ship with Neusu bags.

The next huge change is that we now publish live reviews from Amazon for our products directly on each and every product page. This means that you can see exactly how well rated Neusu products are by real users directly from our site and then go forward to Amazon and buy that product. We have no influence over the reviews and they are pulled in without filtering, so you now that they are legitimate and you can check them directly against Amazon when you go forward to them to buy. We hope this level of transparency will help build further trust with our customers.

As well as this, we’ve launched our B2B section to help our growing base of commercial partners, and this sections will grow over time to help service the various business sectors that buy Neusu.

Lastly, we’ve taken on board some of the comments regarding ease of use of the site across devices and made two key changes: the website menu is now fully responsive so will work on desktop, tablet and mobile. Previously tablet users were having some problems with the menu system so we have built that back from the ground up. In addition, we have added a complete list of Neusu products onto the front page that can be browsed easily, so you can find the product you want quickly.

Neusu® launches Spring 2016 Storage Solutions

Here at Neusu® we’re pleased and proud to announce the launch of several new items in our Heavy Duty storage range, all available immediately from Amazon UK.

Responding to customer feedback asking for our existing items to be available in additional colours, we’ve started to expand by making our two most popular items available in classic black. The 80 Litre underbed storage bag is consistently Amazon’s #1 Bestseller in underbed storage, and the new black version is the same in every detail (except colour, of course). The 200 Litre bedding chest is also the same as the original beige, with 360 degree reinforced handles and strong zip. These two new variations are the first to be produced in another colour, although more of the Neusu range will follow in Summer 2016, with more colours also to be added later this year.

New colours aren’t all though, we also have two brand new products to announce:

1) Neusu Extra Large Heavy Duty 20 Pocket Underbed Shoe Storage Bag

Pack away 20 pairs of shoes with confidence using the Neusu Underbed bag.

Pack away 20 pairs of shoes with confidence using the Neusu Underbed bag.

We have been eager to announce this new underbed 20 piar of shoes storage solution since we first designed it months ago, so biting our tongue has been hard. Bigger and better than any other underbed shoe bag, the dimensions on each pocket are bigger than other bags, so you can fit any shoes or trainers in up to men’s size 12! The XL size also gives you a huge 20 pockets, and each pocket is fully stitched in place, unlike in cheaper bags. The front and sides are double fabric to increase strength and hide away the stitching and the strong zip has two zipper so the bag can be opened in either direction. To top it all off (pun intended), the lid is 2mm PVC, 33% stronger than other bags. If you’ve got a serious shoe habit, but don’t know where to store them, this bag is the perfect solution.

2) Neusu 100 Litre Heavy Duty Strong Bedding Storage Bag With Handles

A proper, strong bedding storage solution from Neusu.

A proper, strong bedding storage solution from Neusu.

To compliment our 200 Litre bedding chest, which has proved to be hugely popular thanks to its 360-degree reinforced handles, we created a half-size 100 litre cube version. Just as strong, and made from the same material with the same handles, this perfect cube can be stored in a wardrobe, stacked or put in the loft and is big enough to handle quite a bit of bedding or clothes. A simple idea, but measuring 47cm x 47cm x 47cm, it’s aesthetically pleasing as well as wonderfully functional. We think our customers are going to love it.

Largest Underbed Storage Bag

Neusu® Launches Largest Under Bed Storage Bag

To compliment the existing range of underbed storage bags from Neusu®, we’re pleased to announce that we have launched a brand new 180 Litre heavy duty underbed storage bag. As with our previous success, the XL Heavy Duty Bag, the Jumbo underbed version has two front handles and two end handles to help users move it when full, high quality dual direction zippers (single zip with two zippers to allow you to unzip in either direction) and is made from our heavy duty 600D polyester.

Largest Underbed Storage Bag

The Neusu Jumbo Underbed Sotrage bag is the largest available with 180 Litre capacity.

The Jumbo Underbed bag is available now from Amazon, and has already garnered several 5-star reviews from customers. For more information on our underbed range, take a look at the best underbed storage bags we offer.

New Neusu® Heavy Duty Bedroom Storage Bags

Hot on the heels of our expanded wardrobe storage range, Neusu® is extremely proud to announce another new set of products designed and manufactured especially for Neusu and which we hope will revolutionise your bedroom storage.

Based on the success and love shown for our 80-litre underbed Heavy Duty storage bag (60 five star reviews from customers on Amazon.co.uk and counting), we have four new heavy duty bags for you to use to tidy up your bedroom.

The first, which is already exciting users on Amazon (20 five star reviews), is a much larger version of the underbed storage bag. The Extra Large Underbed Storage Bag offers 130 litres of storage space, and has four strong handles, rather than just the one, with two on the front and one on each end to allow you to manoeuvre the bag in and out from under the bed more easily when full.

We’ve then had a heavy duty version of our Premium Bedding/Clothes bags created, so they are stronger than anything similar, and made from the same 600D polyester as the bigger bags. These Heavy Duty Clothes Bags offer 20 litres of capacity each and can be stacked or stored under most beds.

If you need more clothes storage, then our new 70-litre Versatile Clothes Bag is an excellent storage solution. You can zip it up and put it away, or thanks to the 360-degree reinforced handles, you can use it as a quick way to get the family’s clothes into the car when heading away.

Lastly, for those who really need to pack away all the bedding and spare duvets in one place, there’s the new Heavy Duty 200 Litre Bedding Chest. Again made from the 600D polyester, this chest differs from other brands in that we had it designed with 360-degree reinforced handles also so that you can actually pick it up when full! It’s genius, and we love it!

All of these new products are already available from Amazon.co.uk.

New Neusu® Wardrobe Storage Products Now Available

Based on the success of our original Premium Hanging Shelf Organiser that has garnered over 50 five-star reviews on Amazon.co.uk already, Neusu® is pleased to announce that we have expanded our range of wardrobe storage options with four new hanging organisers.

We’ve added two new multi-shelf Premium organisers, both rendered in the same tough 100gsm non-woven fabric that’s 33% stronger than the weight of fabric used by other brands of wardrobe storage. The shelves too are stronger, 50% stronger, as they are reinforced with the same 3mm board, but what’s more we’ve now enhanced all our wardrobe hanging shelves again by changing the top to be reinforced with 2.5mm MDF, the only wardrobe organisers we know of that do so. This means that the can handle more weight without bowing.

The first new organiser is a simple 6 shelf version, while the next is a 9 shelf version, with 3 full width shelves for clothes and 6 half-width ones below for shoes. The half width shelves have the fronts of each reinforced with 3mm board like the full shelves.

As shoe storage is huge problem for people, we’ve introduced a new wardrobe solution. This is a 20-shelf hanging organiser especially for shoes. As with the others, this is made from Premium 100gsm material with the fronts of shelves reinforced with 3mm board and the top with 2.5mm MDF.

Lastly, for those who need to store lots, we have a brand new 100+ litre capacity Heavy Duty wardrobe organiser, complete with 8 shelves and 8 side pockets. This Heavy Duty, hard wearing wardrobe solution is made with the same 600D polyester material as our hard wearing underbed storage bags.

All of these new products are already available from Amazon.co.uk.