What makes the best underbed storage bag better?

What to look for in an underbed storage bag?

As the brand with the widest range of underbed storage bags available, we here at Neusu know more about underbed storage than anyone would realistically want to. So, we're here to try and explain some of the things to consider when choosing the best underbed storage bag for your needs.

There are five main points to look at when selecting an underbed bag:

  • Proposed contents of the bag, both in terms of quantity and actual items (e.g shoes are a common requirement, but they have a very different bag design available to duvets)
  • Size of the bed and space available under the bed (What is the clearance height for a bag to go under? Is there already something store underneath?_
  • Colour of the bag required, which is normally dictated by the colour of the carpet in the room
  • Material the bag is made from (polyester vs natural is the normal choice and they both have benefits and drawbacks)
  • Quality - not all bags are the same, even if they claim to be made from the same material.

This is before you get into the design of the bag itself and how well it has been manufactured. For example, most of Neusu's underbed storage bags are made with four handles to allow you to manoeuvre the bag without ripping it, whereas most other designs only have a single handle to keep the cost of manufacture down.

Proposed Contents

What exactly is it that you need to store? This is probably the best starting place when looking for an underbed storage solution. Most common answers are duvets and bedding, clothes or shoes. If it's anything other than shoes, then you are looking for a general underbed bag with a single compartment. If you are wanting to store shoes, then there are specific underbed shoe storage bags available with a compartment for each pair to keep them well protected.

Assuming you are looking for a general purpose storage solution, then the next question is how much do you need to store? It could be anything from a single lightweight duvet through to a couple of winter weight king size duvets with pillows. Most companies only produce one or two sizes of underbed storage bags, but the Neusu range incorporates the following capacities: 70 Litre, 80 Litre, 100 Litre, 110 Litre, 130 Litre, 150 Litre and 180 Litre, so you can see that we have a lot to choose from. The smaller sizes (70 & 80) are suitable for a single duvet set or a kingsize duvet by itself. The 100-130 range can take a kingsize duvet and pillows or two double duvets, and the 150-180 can handle multiple kingsize duvets. In each case though, you need to check the other criteria to ensure that the bag will fit under your beds.

We'll consider the sizing implications in depth below.

Largest Underbed Storage Bag (180 Litres)

How much space dictates how big a bag (duh!)

There are two things to consider regarding sizing of your ideal underbed bag. The first is the floor space under the bed - if you already have bags under there, how much space is left? Assuming you are starting from an empty position, you may think that you can only expect to get one bag under any bed, but in truth even single beds can handle more than one underbed bag. Here's a rough guide to mattress sizes in the UK, which gives you an idea of the area available which you can then cross reference with the sizes of the underbed bags. We've given a rough estimate of which Neusu underbed storage bags will fit under each bed, but you should fully measure under your own bed beforehand as all sizes are estimates.

Bed / Mattress sizes Dimensions in cms Dimensions in Inches Estimated bag capacity
Small/Children's Single 190cm x 75cm 74.8" x 29.5" 2 x Large (80 Litres)
Single 190cm x 90cm 74.8" x 35.4" 1 x XL (130 Litres) & 1 x Large (80 Litres)
Double (Small/Queen) 190cm x 120cm 74.8" x 47.2" 2 x XL (130 Litres)
Double 200cm x 135cm 78.7" x 53.1" 2 x XL (130 Litres) & 1 x Jumbo (180 Litres)
Kingsize 200cm x 150cm 78.7" x 59" 2 x Jumbo (180 Litres) & 1 x XL (130 Litres)

Of course, you may want to substitute in different bags, so have more Large bags versus one of the Jumbo bags. These are given as suggestions only and by measuring the space under your bed and comparing with the dimensions given on each of our bags, you will be able to work out how much you can get under your own bed. One tip we should note here, which is to ensure you leave some space under the side of each bed so that the bags don't come right up to the edge or poke out. Ideally you want them sat back under the bed and that way they will hardly be noticeable, but still easy to get out when you need them.

Don't forget the clearance height!
So far though we have only talked about the area under the bed, but there is one more very important measurement that you must take into account when selecting the right size of bed, and that is the clearance space, or height beneath the bed. It goes without saying, but divan beds have no underbed space for use as storage, but even in non-divan beds there are differences in height. The normal height of an underbed bag is 18cm, and indeed most of the Neusu range is that height. However, some beds are lower so most underbed storage bags won't fit, while others are more which means you are wasting space.

You can probably guess where the leading specialist in underbed storage bags is going with this... Neusu has also got a range for both, with Slimline bags offering 70L, 110L and 150L capacities but only 15cm tall for lower beds and then Full Depth bags of 20cm for taller beds, available in 100L and 150L capacities. You can browse the entire range of Neusu underbed bags on Amazon, so you'll find whatever you need to buy easily there.

Colour Matters

Again, most manufacturers just have the one colour of bag, beige. While all of our range is available in beige as it is a neutral colour, we also know that lots of people have darker carpets, against which beige stands out. So many of the Neusu underbed bags are also available in black, and some also in blue. If you think that your bag may be visible from under the bed and you have a darker carpet, then look for one of the darker coloured bags as they will blend in better.

The Extra Large Underbed Storage Bag is available in Beige, Blue and Black


A quick word about materials (if you want to know more, check out our exhaustive post on materials used in underbed bags). This basically comes down to a choice of man made fibres or natural.

Natural sounds like the most obvious choice, but avoid anything made from lightweight materials - cotton wouldn't last long! Canvas is a good choice, but it needs to be genuine canvas (some unscrupulous companies label anything as canvas as if it is a generic term, so you actually get polyester). However, it needs to be a heavy canvas so that it won't rip, which makes them much more expensive than alternatives. Additionally, canvas underbed bags are not often backed (as that would require a waterproof and manmade material backing such as PVC, so would stop the bag being natural) so while that does mean they will breathe, it also means they are not damp proof.

Manmade fibres are split into two - non-woven and polyester. Non-woven is a cheap material, and while it can be good (we use in in our foldable boxes at 100-120gsm), most cheap bags are 60gsm or 80gsm and rip extremely quickly, which is why most of these sorts of bags are rated 1 or 2 stars by users.

This leaves polyester, which is what Neusu uses in the majority of our underbed storage bags. Again, as with canvas, it needs to be a decent weight, and ours are 600D which is about the toughest that you can reasonably sew. Some 600D polyesters can still be a little lightweight - it's the old adage about all things are not equal, so you do need to ensure that you trust the brand. All Neusu bags use the same heavy duty 600D material. Lastly, this leaves the backing - most manufacturers use the cheaper PVC to back their bags, but Neusu bags are backed with PE. We had to have this material specially sourced for our bags, but it has two advantages: firstly it is more environmentally friendly to create and secondly it does produce the same plastic smell that cheaper bags can have. Any smell from PE dissipates in seconds.

Hopefully this explains why we believe Neusu Underbed Storage Bags are the best made bags you can buy, but if even this isn't enough to convince you then let's have one last word on quality.

Quality Quality Quality

We've spoken at length about the quality of the materials that go into our Neusu underbed bags and why that should be one of your considerations when choosing an underbed storage bag, but there are other quality issues to consider as well.

Aside from the smaller 80L bag which only requires one handle, all of the Neusu Underbed Bags are designed with four web-stitched, reinforced handles: two on the front and one on each end. This allows you to move the bag when full and twist and turn it under the bed more easily and with less chance of ripping the handle off. Most designs only offer a single handle.

We only use grade 3 zips (most use 1 or 2) to ensure that they are stronger and less likely to fail. All our bags outside the smaller 80 Litres also have two zippers so you can open and close from each side and leave the zippers in the middle for easier access when pulling it back out from under the bed - these small design features enhance the quality of our bags and may cost us a little more, our customers have been clear that they appreciate our efforts, so we stick to our designs.

Ways to Tidy Up Your Bedroom

Top Tip
It goes without saying that as you work your way through the bedroom looking at what you need to store, you should probably have a bin bag in one hand where you ruthlessly ditch the items that really aren't worth keeping. That half pot of nail varnish you haven't touched in 6 months - it can go!
Everyone we know complains that they just can't seem to keep their bedroom tidy. It's an ongoing battle against the clutter and the mess, but we have some tips and some products that can help. This article will talk through all the various ways in which you can make the best use of bedroom space to create a less messy room, with homes for everything tidied away.

The first thing you need to do when wanting to create a tidy bedroom that can stay that way is to assess why the room is getting messy in the first place. If everything that's out has a home to go to, well, then you just need to tidy up!

More likely though, especially in modern flats and houses, there just isn't enough storage space. This is not necessarily the end of the road though, because there are ways to maximise the use of the space available and to make use of space that may be redundant.

Make a list of what is causing the most issues - too many pairs of shoes, nowhere to put spare bedding, T-Shirts and jumpers with no shelves or drawers, or wardrobe full. When you know what you need to deal with, we can work through the list and look at possible solutions.

Making more room in the wardrobe

The most common piece of bedroom furniture can often get upgraded

So, the wardrobe is full, eh? But there's nothing you can do without. Shut the door in despair? Don't be silly; read on for the various ways you can get more space in almost any wardrobe.

Most people have a set of clothes hanging in the wardrobe that are rarely worn, or out of season. That doesn't mean you don't need to keep them, but they are probably taking up a lot of room. Unless they are not suitable (covered in feathers, or featuring huge shoulder pads, etc), then a hanging vacuum storage bag can help reduce the space these clothes take up. Neusu's EasyStore Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags are heavy duty like our other vacuum bags, and come with a hanger for use in your wardrobe. You can get four or five items into each bag (make sure you use a plastic hanger) and they take up less room that a single original item. With four bags in each pack, you can free up a lot of space in one fell swoop.

If the problem is that your wardrobe doesn't have any shelves, and you have nowhere to put jumpers and T-Shirts unless you hang them up using up lots of space with coat hangers, then one of our hanging wardrobe organisers is the solution. If it's a full depth wardrobe, then for maximum use of space, we recommend the full height 8 Shelf Heavy Duty Wardrobe Organiser, as not only is it top of the line quality, its design include side pockets for things like socks, so you can really store a lot with it.

Next, it's time to look at the bottom of the wardrobe. Hopefully it's empty space, but just as likely, there's shoes or just "stuff" thrown there. However, as most clothes don't hang all the way to the floor or the wardrobe, this is space we need to make the most of. If you've got lots of pairs of shoes, or even shoe boxes, in the bottom, then consider one of our Underbed Shoe Organisers to get them out from the wardrobe and easily stored under the bed to free up space we can use for other things (more on underbed storage bags a little later).

We have a couple of options when it comes to adding storage to the bottom of a wardrobe, depending on which is most appropriate. Measure the space you have, including the height underneath the clothes and look at what you want to store here to make the best decision.

For general clothes or other material items (bedding, etc), take a look at some of our smaller heavy duty storage bags, specifically the 50 Litre Heavy Duty Twin Pack as they can be filled up and lifted in and out with their unique 360-degree reinforced handles. They should fit in the bottom of any wardrobe, but check the measurements against your own wardrobe to make sure first.

If you want to hide away other bits of clutter, like make up or papers, etc, then one of our foldable boxes is ideal. They have rigid sides and look very neat and close up with a lid to hide away all sorts of bits and pieces. Like the storage bags, they should fit in the bottom of most wardrobes, especially the Small and Medium Twin Packs.

Lastly, let's consider the top of the wardrobe. If it's a fitted wardrobe, then it likely has a shelf, but it's almost impossible to reach the back of the shelf unless you are a giant, making only the front of the shelf useful. If it's a standalone wardrobe, then it has a top, which we can put things on. Again, you may choose to use something like the foldable boxes we mentioned earlier, but many people have contacted us over the years to explain that they actually found our heavy duty underbed storage bags fitted nicely atop their wardrobe and had created masses of extra storage space for them. We don't like to brag, but we really believe ours are the best underbed storage bags, so if one of these will fit, they are a great solution.

As they come with handles, you can easily pull them on and off shelves (just don't let them drop heavily to risk tearing the handle - they are good, but not invincible!), and from the tops of standalone wardrobes. These bags can add anything from 70 Litre or even 130 Litres of extra storage space, enough for duvets, bedding, clothes, etc). We're going to take a look at our underbed storage offerings next, so read on and if they are suitable for the top of your wardrobe as well, select the most useful for you.

Underbed Storage Bag Solutions

Often neglected, or with slippers just kicked underneath, this otherwise unusable space could solve your bedroom storage problems

Not only do we create the best underbed storage bags, we also have the widest range of sizes and colours, and each is manufactured to the highest standard. Assuming you don't have a divan bed, then even a single bed can house a couple of underbed storage bags and give you masses of new storage room.

If you are looking to store away clothes, bedding or duvets, or even some heavier items like books (use a bag with multiple handles for heavier loads), then one of the straightforward underbed bags is a perfect choice, but if you are looking to store shoes, we have specially designed underbed shoe organisers as we mentioned earlier. (An extra tip here - if you have shoe boxes full, then consider taking them out of their boxes and storing them in one of these organisers under the bed or in the bottom or top of the wardrobe, as they will take up a lot less room in one of our organisers than all the individual shoe boxes stacked up.)

All of our underbed storage bags are made from heavy duty 600D polyester with a damp proof backing. The larger sizes come with four handles to allow you to move them when full and heavy, and they all are made with a strong zip. They all have absolute rave reviews on Amazon, so feel free to check out what other customers have to say.

We hope that this has given you some ideas on how to make the most of the storage space in your bedroom, and if you want any individual advice, please feel free to get in touch.

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What our customers say (Feb 2017)

Welcome to our (supposedly regular) roundup of some of the customer reviews from Neusu® products over the past month. We’re proud of the quality of our products, so it’s always important to us to see that our customers have the experience we expect, and it’s rewarding for us to see that customers agree. These reviews are a sample of the 124 public verified Amazon.co.uk reviews from February 2017 (119/124 reviews were 4 or 5 star this month). These are the reviews of our products themselves, and exclude the 117 all 4 or 5 star merchant reviews on Amazon – you can read these for yourselves here. We don’t pay for, influence or manipulate any of our customer reviews, so you can read all of these reviews below publicly on our products on Amazon.co.uk along with all of the historic reviews and any since this article was written.

Shop Neusu on Amazon.co.uk

“These are the best storage bags I have ever used. Very strong. Impressed! :-)”
Rebecca T., 26/02/2017

“Space saving bags that really work! Was very please [sic] with Neusu Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags. They arrived very promptly and are so easy to use. Would recommend these to anyone with a storage area problem. Thanks.”
Mrs. M. A. Harmsworth, 26/02/2017

“Super quick delivery of a good quality item. Lovely customer service touch of a closely sent follow up email with advice on care of the item. Thoroughly recommend.”
Emma Hicks., 26/02/2017

“As described. Still fully vacuumed 2 months later”
Patricia Wood, 23/02/2017

“Perfect. The fabric is thicker/ better than I expected. Quite a sturdy construction, and looks good too. Very pleased.”
Lexi Rees, 22/02/2017

“This is a great item, you can fit loads of items inside. Feels strong and zips are robust, will be purchasing further bags. Highly recommended.”
Janet, 21/02/2017

“Excellent quality. Strong and durable. Have used for first time recently and over period of several weeks seal was totally secure. Excellent quality.”
Christine W, 20/02/2017

“I purchased this to store shoes and clothing, excellent quality, and excellent customer services, would buy again.”
HW, 26/02/2017

“Delighted with these – I have an open shelf near a window that sometimes lets in the rain, and now my clothes will be dry inside this smart bag. Very pleased to find it has a waterproof lining, a good zip and looks smart and strong. Got an email from the manufacturers giving me information and advice, which is a nice touch.”
Amazon Customer, 14/02/2017

“Bought to protect caravan bedding. Arrived ahead of schedule in proper packaging. Clearly of superior quality compared to other bags I’ve used. Have used three of five to date, each of which has stayed compressed for three days so far. Follow the instructions and you should have no problem making them work.”
Brigandyne, 11/02/2017

“Great item, even better than we expected. I bought two for 3 spare beds, in loft area and have filled part of the one with sheets and duvet covers and there is still enough room for more, possibly the pillows and duvet. I think they will be more than useful for the purpose. We are now thinking of another to store the motorhome bedding in instead of just piling it all up on the spare beds! Service was excellent as usual and I am very happy with the overall experience. Many thanks”
K. M. Wakefield, 12/02/2017

“Love these boxes and they can be flattened when not in use.”
Vikinglass, 10/02/2017

“This is a great bag for what I am using it for. Nothing to do with clothes but required a storage bag for band equipment that was strong and protective. The seller followed the delivery up with an email explaining things about the bag which people may find very useful. Great product and good seller.”
Gordon, 09/02/2017

“Love this item had if [isc] for months now all compartments and shelves are full and has never once loosened on my wardrobe rail or fail like previous brands have bought it even hold my jeans very well Wich are heavy !!! And makes more room to hang up dresses and tops etc :)”
Ria, 07/02/2017

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Ways to Tidy Up Your Living Room

It’s the new year, and while it’s not quite spring cleaning yet, there’s no point lounging around (see what we did there?). If you are anything like us, you may be surveying your living room post-Christmas and wondering how it got so messy.

Whether it’s the kids bits and pieces accumulating in a pile in the corner, or the sofas buried underneath cushions, there are ways to bring some order and tidy up your lounge.

Before we talk about how some of our products can help you store and tidy up parts of your living room, let’s start with the basics. Is there stuff you simply don’t need to keep? It’s obvious, but we’re all guilty of ignoring this and failing to throw away “that lovely tin” (which we’re never going to use) or “that blanket is still usable” (it’s not, it was ripped by Aunty Marge on Boxing Day).

Top Tip
Use this opportunity to find items that you don’t want any more, but other people may be desperate for, and then sell them on eBay. You get less clutter and make a bit of extra cash.
So before you start looking for storage solutions for your living room, grab a bin liner and go round being as ruthless as you can bear to be. While you are decluttering, you can take the opportunity to start preparing for our big tidy up by separating out any items that you need to keep, but don’t want to store in the living room – this may be excess cushions or the third sofa throw that you do loved – you can also great a pile of items that really shouldn’t be in the living room in the first place, such as any children’s toys that belong in their bedroom.

If there’s items you don’t need, but might still be useful for someone else, why not get together a charity shop bag?

From this exercise, you should now have the following:

  • A rubbish bag filled with anything not needed
  • A charity bag of things that could be worth reselling
  • Things that should not be in the room
  • Things from the room to keep, but which are not wanted in the room
  • Things that you want to keep in the room, but need a storage solution

How Neusu® can help

Now you know what you really have left to store and sort, we are here and ready to leap into action!

Let’s start with your excess sort furnishings – these might be cushions or throws or similar. One of our heavy duty vacuum storage bags is perfect for keeping these items as they reduce the space required and protect them from getting dusty and dirty. For most purposes in the living room, our Extra Large Vacuum Storage Bags should suffice – you may want to use a Jumbo if you are looking to store a small rug, but the compression you are likely to get on one of these tends to be less, so our Jumbo Underbed Storage Bag is normally a better option for rugs.

Top Tip
If you don’t have room to store things in other rooms or in a loft, take a look at one of our underbed storage bags – the Extra Large is a good one. You can fill these up, and then put them on their side behind your sofa as long as it backs up against a wall. This hides everything away and takes advantage of that deal space between the bottom of your sofa and the wall. For most people, the black bag rather than the beige will hide away and be almost invisible.
For items that won’t benefit from being put in vacuum storage bags, but can be stored away in a spare bedroom or loft, take a look at our Versatile bag or Heavy Duty 100 Litre Storage Cube Bag. These can take heavy loads and be lifted, so they are perfect for putting things away in an attic.

Now, for the remaining bits and pieces that have to stay in your living room, we recommend something like our Jumbo Heavy Duty Foldable Box. They are stylish and discreet, in matt black, and can be folded away when not in use, and they have a lid attached to hide away contents.

If you need smaller boxes, they are available in Large, Medium and Small as well.

You should end up with a decluttered and much tidier living room. Let us know how you get on with your project!

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Perfect Bag for throwing in the car

Yesterday, I wrote a piece on how long our vacuum storage bags last, as a result of going into our own loft and getting down our storage bag full of Christmas jumpers, hats and yes, even a Christmas cushion.

As you may have guessed from that post, we have a lot of Christmas tat. The reason for this is an annual trip with another family to a Christmas theme park for the weekend. As such, we need to be able to pack enough clothes for the family (2 adults and 2 children) but we need to be able to carry everything easily at the other end, even though everything just gets essentially chucked into the car boot.

The Neusu® 70 Litre Versatile Bag is a perfect solution for weekends away.

The Neusu 70 Litre Versatile Bag is a perfect solution for weekends away.

One of the reasons we had the Neusu 70 Litre Versatile Bag created in the first place is that we were tired of bags of this size ripping or losing their handles. The Neusu bag is super-strong and the handles wrap all the way around so you can carry it with confidence.

It took all our weekend clothes, washbags, Christmas jumpers and hats, etc plus some towels, and we could simply put it in the boot quickly, much easier to pack and handle than a suitcase for the trip. So, if you’re looking for a versatile bag: clothes storage, bedding storage, laundry bag, weekend getaway bag, hopefully you can now see why our Neusu 70 Litre is just the ticket.

And no, you cannot get a picture of me in the jumper.

Vacuum storage bag after months

How Long Do Vacuum Storage Bags Last?

Yesterday provided me with an excellent example of how long a well packed high quality vacuum storage bag should last, ie hold its vacuum. If you make sure you have the perfect seal, and if you don’t damage the bag (pierce it), then a Neusu® bag will hold its vacuum for months on end as you can see. Yesterday was December 7th and I had to make the annual trip into our loft to retrieve the bag of Christmas jumpers and soft furnishings (yes, we have a Christmas cushion – don’t ask). The bag was still a solid rectangular block of vacuumed out goodness that had gone into the loft over eleven months ago.

Vacuum storage bag after months

After nearly a year in storage, this Neusu bag had barely let any air in at all.

I brought it downstairs to check it (here it is photographed yesterday after nearly a year), and in honesty, yes, you could detect a slight softening in the bag. Would I have bothered removing the air again if we’d just wanted to keep it stored? Probably not, it was still so solid that the change was hardly noticeable.

So there you have it – when used correctly the Neusu bags hold their vacuum for months and months on end.

We occasionally get a problem reported by a customer that a bag has only held its vacuum for a matter of hours, and as long as the bag hasn’t been damaged, it always turns out to be that the zip had not been checked properly to ensure it was fully closed along the entire length. If you have experienced problems where our bags let in air in days, then please read over to our extensive help section, which covers all the best practice and troubleshooting guides. You can also sign up to our newsletter (bottom of this page) and get the Pro Tips sheet immediately that is a great companion to the Instruction leaflet that comes with all our bags.

If you are using cheaper bags, then you may well find that your vacuum storage bag only keeps airtight for a few days. There are lots of possible reasons for this. Cheaper bags use cheap zips that don’t seal, and the zips are attached to low quality (often 60 Microns vs our Premium 80 and Heavy Duty 110) plastic that they don’t adhere to well enough so come apart. Being so much thinner, they are also easier to tear and pierce.

In short a good quality bag, like those from Neusu, will hold its vacuum for months when properly filled, sealed and stored, but cheaper brands are likely to fail sooner than that. You can maximise your chances of any brand working longer by following our guide on how to use vacuum storage bags, and looking at our tips section.

Twin Pack 50 Litre Bedding Clothes Bags

Neusu® Launches Winter 2016 Products

Neusu® has been expanding its range of premium home storage products throughout 2016, and we’re pleased to announce that we are closing the year with our Winter 2016 additions. These include offering our already popular bedding bags in black as well as beige, and some new sizes of heavy duty storage bags:
» 50 Litre (Twin Pack 2 x 50L) Bedding/Clothes Bags
» 150 Litre Bedding Storage Bag
» 12 Pair Underbed Shoe Storage Bag

12 Pair Underbed Shoe Storage bag

Store up to 12 pairs of shoes in this underbed bag.

The full list of our storage bags now available in both beige and black is:
» 40 Litre (Twin Pack 2 x 40L) Bedding/Clothes Bags (Beige or Black)
» 70 Litre Versatile Clothes Bag (Beige or Black)
» 100 Litre Bedding Cube (Beige or Black)
» 200 Litre Bedding Chest (Beige or Black)
» 80 Litre Underbed Storage Bag (Beige or Black)
» 130 Litre Extra Large Underbed Storage Bag (Beige or Black)

In total we now offer dozens of different sizes, styles and colours of bedding storage bags in what we believe is the UK’s largest selection, so whether it needing to put away a single spare duvet or store up a season of bedding for your hotel, Neusu is the leading choice for bedding and duvet storage.

Lastly, to round out the winter launches, we’re pleased to announce that we have also added a black version of our 5 Shelf Heavy Duty Organiser, and it’s already won several 5-Star reviews on Amazon.

Loaded Touring Bike With Panniers

Heavy Duty Travel Vacuum Bags For Cycling and Hiking

Over the years we’ve had quite a few cyclists get in touch asking for us to consider extending the Neusu® travel roll range to include the Heavy Duty bags not just the Premium ones, and we’re pleased to say that we launched a full range of these earlier this year, not just for cyclists but for all holidaymakers, but today we want to talk about their use for cycling holidays and hiking.

Travel Storage Bags For Cyclists

As keen touring cyclists ourselves (plus a bit of racing, but we tend to ditch the panniers for that!), we know why travel bags are important. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that if you are packing up panniers without using travel rolls, you are making life harder for yourself.

Ultimately, while we love the two wheels, we are the first to admit that bicycles cannot carry as much luggage as a car. Panniers, saddle bags, tube bags and front wheel bags all add to the capacity of your bike, but of course they add weight even when empty and for us, more importantly, they add bulk and make it harder to handle.

Loaded Touring Bike With Panniers

Get more capacity from your panniers by using travel roll bags to reduce space used by clothes.

So the ideal solution is to get as much as possible into as few panniers on the bike as possible and this is where travel roll bags come in. You can put your spare kit and changes of clothes into the bags as well as lightweight towels, etc, and then roll them down to reduce their volume by pushing all the air out of the special air channel at the bottom – our Neusu Heavy Duty Travel Rolls come with a complete instruction booklet to help you get the most from them. This means that not only can you pack more efficiently at home, but you can do it every night while you are away, which you can’t do with normal vacuum storage bags.

Secondly, and typing as someone who has toured on their bike in the UK, panniers are not fully weatherproof. Not when you get caught out on your bike in hours and hours (and hours, not that I’m bitter) of rain. This is where you kiss your travel roll bags for keeping everything inside your panniers dry. In fact, while the primary use of these bags for cyclists is to reduce the packing space, they are a pretty good idea for putting other things like electronics in before putting them inside your panniers. They protect against rain and damp or spillage if there are drinks, for example, in your pannier that suddenly and unnecessarily leak.

If you happen to be opting for off-road and muddy mountain bikes on your route, then obvious weather proofing the contents of any bag, even a rucksack is worth considering – opening up the bag when the mud from the back wheel has splattered up your back only to transfer said mud onto your clean T Shirt is annoying and avoided if the clothes inside are in a waterproof bag like this.

Lastly, the other reason for considering travel storage rolls like ours for your next cycling holiday is their ability to increase your range. Even if you are happy to add every bag you can find to your bike, there’s still a depressingly small amount of storage space available, which limits how many days you can go away cycling in one go. By using roll up bags, you can get more clothes and go further.

Travel Storage Bags For Hikers

The same bags are useful for hiking, but obviously you are limited to how much you can carry even more than on a bike. Another key thing for hikers to consider is the weight – yes, these bags will allow you to get more into your rucksack, but the weight will be the same and so you could end up with a very heavy backpack to carry!

Pack more into your rucksack

Get more into your rucksack for hiking with travel rolls.
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It may be that you just have to suck that up and use the bags in order to get everything you need in, but if you are not needing them for that reason, then they may allow you to take a smaller rucksack, which even though it will weigh the same (while the contents will, but of course a smaller bag itself weighs less) will still be less cumbersome when walking.

When packing the rucksack with the travel storage bags, unlike the bikes, you can sometimes find that leaving them rolled allows you to get them into the cylindrical design of the rucksack on thir sides easier then folded back out flat. You can then push things like bottles into the middle of the rolled up bag. It allows for more efficient packing.

Above and beyond the packing capacity though, the protection of the contents again the elements and against leaks are good reasons for investing in a set of travel roll bags.

You can buy any of the Heavy Duty Travel Rolls from Amazon.co.uk from the links on the right of this page, or if you visit the product page on this site (Medium, Large, Extra Large or Assorted), you will find the links to buy them in the UK, Germany and France as we are aware that a lot of interest in these bags come from hikers and cyclists in Europe. If you have any questions, feedback or photos, please do contact us. We love to hear from customers.

Lastly, Neusu offers a whole range of travel roll and storage bags, which you may wish to consider.

Neusu Travel Storage Bags on Amazon.co.uk

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The Perfect Seal On Your Vacuum Storage Bag

Never Overfill a Vacuum Storage Bag

Our vacuum bag instructions include a line reminding you not to overfill a single bag, but to use multiple bags instead. We thought it might be worth explaining why this is more than a cynical attempt to sell more bags!

If you put too many items in a single bag, you create two initial problems. Firstly, you’ll find sealing the bag in the first place very hard and because of the pressures involved, make it much more likely that you will slice through the bag’s plastic with the clip when trying to force it closed. Secondly, it means that you cannot create the perfect seal on your space saver bag, so the compression is less likely to be effective.

Multiple duvets in a Jumbo storage bag

Getting the right size bag for the job will avoid problems with leakage.

Now, there are ways to get more items into a single bag, and we’ll pass on that Pro tip later, but for now, let’s discuss what amount of stuff you can realistically fit into the different sizes of vacuum storage bags. Bear in mind, these refer to the Neusu® Vacuum Storage Bags, although we’ll include the bag dimensions so that you can translate the information to other brands if you have been foolhardy enough to buy them!

How much is too much for a vacuum storage bag?

Let’s start at the lowest end with the Medium size bags, which measure 70cm x 50cm. These are only suitable for a small(ish) pile of clothes each. They are very good for packing away baby or children’s clothes, or for storing some off-season clothes. You can also put towels, lightweight single duvets, etc in.

Too much: double duvets and multiple pillows

Large vacuum storage bags are 80cm x 60cm and actually increase the capacity by about 40% despite the small increase in size (all about area calculations). These can handle a lot of clothes, so make packing away your wardrobe to make space very easy, and they can also handle most single duvets and pillows.

Too much: winter single duvets, double duvets and winter duvets

When we get to the Extra Large Vacuum Storage Bags (our most popular size), we’re entering the serious territory. These measure 100cm x 70cm and can handle a huge amount of clothes, including bulky winter jumpers, etc. Each bag will eat up a double duvet with no problem and have room for a couple of pillows to be squeezed in.

Too much: king size duvets, especially winter weight, or multiple duvets

Next step up from the XLs is our Maxi size, which measure 110cm x 80cm. These can handle king size winter duvets or two double duvets. Obviously, you can also pile in clothes, towels, bedding etc.

Too much: multiple king size winter duvets, or king size duvets with pillows and bedding

Finally we come to the Jumbo, which measures 130cm x 100cm and is much bigger than the Jumbo size of other brands. These are huge, and that means you need something you can trust the zip and the material on, or else they are likely to tear and fail. In these Neusu Jumbos you can find multiple king size duvets – for example, we put one winter king size duvet and two winter double duvets in the same bag and had room left over. For comparison, we used one bag to store 9 pillows.

Too much: three king size duvets, mattresses, etc. Not much, truth be told, but if you are packing away a full house (to move, etc) just be guided by common sense.

To get more of an idea on packing up the different sizes of vacuum storage bags, you can check out “What size vacuum storage bag do I need?” And if the answer is, as it often is, a variety of different size, then don’t forget Neusu now has two variety packs available – check out the links on the right.

And now, as promised, the bit everyone is looking for, which is how to cheat the system and actually get more into each vacuum bag…

Pro Packing Tip
Getting more into a single vacuum storage bag

Choose the right size bag, or use multiple bags if you need to, but this tip will help you get a little more into a bag if you have to.

You’ve got all the items out that you want to pack away, but they won’t all go into a single bag, but there’s not really enough to warrant a second bag. You’ve tried cramming them all into a single bag, but it won’t zip close, and certainly won’t give you the best possible seal. What do you do?

Firstly, you make sure that the items are folded properly. As all items crease when stored under compression, it can be tempting to just shove them into the bag, but that’s an inefficient use of space, and it will work better if the items are folded properly first. That’s not very exciting advice though, is it?

OK, next, get the majority of the items together, as much as you think you can get into the bag safely and put the remainder folded ready to one side. Ensure you include the most bulky and the most likely to shrink down items, not the ones that have little air to be removed. Put them neatly into the bag, seal it properly and remove all of the air.

When the bag has been shrunk down, open it back up. When you re-open the bag, air will rush back in, but the items inside will not spring straight back up to their full size (to do that you need to take them and out give them a shake to make the fibres spring back). You’ll find that there’s a little more room to put the extras in than there was before you extracted the air the first time. Put the rest of the items you had ready into the bag on top and then re-seal it properly; do this quickly, but not in such a rush that you damage the bag. Then re-vacuum the bag, and pat yourself on the back. Maybe drop us an email to tell us how you got on. Make a coffee. I don’t know; you decide.

Largest Underbed Storage Bag

Capacity of Underbed Storage Bags Explained

Bedroom storage space is always at a premium, no matter the size of your house, and the solution for many people is to use the dead space underneath the beds to store items that aren’t needed often. It’s a great place for out of season clothes or spare bedding and duvets, but what size bag will fit under each bed?

Neusu® produces three sizes of underbed bag, and we try to help customers understand the capacity of each by giving the dimensions and the litre capacity, but what does 80 Litres mean and would 180 litres fit under a single bed? Read on, and we’ll try to make it all clear.

Underbed Storage Bag Capacities

Neusu’s smallest underbed bag is 80 litres, and measures 96cm x 48cm x 18cm. The 18cm height means that it will fit underneath any non-divan bed, and area-wise, this bag will fit under any child’s single bed even. In terms of how much it can take, 80 litres will easily take a 10 tog double duvet and two pillows, or a lot of drawers of clothes. However, it does mean that you are still not taking advantage of a lot of the space under your beds.

That’s why we developed two unique sizes: the XL and the Jumbo underbed bag. The XL bag has 130 litres of capacity, so 50 litres more than the standard size. It measures 96cm x 78cm x 18cm and inside you can fit two double duvets with relative ease. It still fits under standard size single beds and you can fit two of these under a double bed.

The largest underbed bag which is bigger than anything else on the market is the Jumbo and it offers a massive 180 litres of storage space. The Jumbo measures 125cm x 80cm x 18cm size and is more than double the capacity of the standard size and nearly 40% more than the XL. This means that you can easily get two king size duvets and pillows and bedding into a Jumbo bag, or an entire wardrobe of clothes. Jumbo bags do actually fit under single beds, so they are no problem at all under doubles and kingsizes.

Capacity of Jumbo Underbed Storage Bag

The Neusu Jumbo Underbed Storage Bag can take nine pillows in one bag, for example. Why we even have nine spare pillows is not a question I can answer.

It’s important to note that with both the XL and the Jumbo size, Neusu ensured that the bags could still be maneuvered when filled by adding four handles to the bag, with two on the front and one on each end.

Multiple bags underbed

Multiple bags will fit under any double or kingsize bed to make the very most of the ununsed storage space.

To make the absolute most of your underbed space, you can fit multiple bags under the same bed. A kingsize bed, for example, can take two Jumbo bags along the side and a standard underbed at the end of the bed. This gives you an incredible 440 litres worth of capacity, or enough for most people to empty their wardrobes and bedding chests into. It’s enough for 6 double/kingsize duvets and bedding with room to spare.