New Neusu® Heavy Duty Bedroom Storage Bags

Hot on the heels of our expanded wardrobe storage range, Neusu® is extremely proud to announce another new set of products designed and manufactured especially for Neusu and which we hope will revolutionise your bedroom storage.

Based on the success and love shown for our 80-litre underbed Heavy Duty storage bag (60 five star reviews from customers on and counting), we have four new heavy duty bags for you to use to tidy up your bedroom.

The first, which is already exciting users on Amazon (20 five star reviews), is a much larger version of the underbed storage bag. The Extra Large Underbed Storage Bag offers 130 litres of storage space, and has four strong handles, rather than just the one, with two on the front and one on each end to allow you to manoeuvre the bag in and out from under the bed more easily when full.

We’ve then had a heavy duty version of our Premium Bedding/Clothes bags created, so they are stronger than anything similar, and made from the same 600D polyester as the bigger bags. These Heavy Duty Clothes Bags offer 20 litres of capacity each and can be stacked or stored under most beds.

If you need more clothes storage, then our new 70-litre Versatile Clothes Bag is an excellent storage solution. You can zip it up and put it away, or thanks to the 360-degree reinforced handles, you can use it as a quick way to get the family’s clothes into the car when heading away.

Lastly, for those who really need to pack away all the bedding and spare duvets in one place, there’s the new Heavy Duty 200 Litre Bedding Chest. Again made from the 600D polyester, this chest differs from other brands in that we had it designed with 360-degree reinforced handles also so that you can actually pick it up when full! It’s genius, and we love it!

All of these new products are already available from