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Neusu® Website gets Winter 2016 Update

As well updating our website with all of this month’s new product launches, we have responded to feedback and added a host of new functionality to Neusu®.com to make it more useful to our customers.

The first big addition is a new email newsletter, which we’re launching early in 2017, and that you can sign up for now on the website. Anyone who signs up will get our exclusive Vacuum Storage Bags Tips sheet delivered straight to their inbox. It’s absolutely packed with all the best ways of making the most and getting the best performance from your vacuum bags and is in addition to the instruction booklets that ship with Neusu bags.

The next huge change is that we now publish live reviews from Amazon for our products directly on each and every product page. This means that you can see exactly how well rated Neusu products are by real users directly from our site and then go forward to Amazon and buy that product. We have no influence over the reviews and they are pulled in without filtering, so you now that they are legitimate and you can check them directly against Amazon when you go forward to them to buy. We hope this level of transparency will help build further trust with our customers.

As well as this, we’ve launched our B2B section to help our growing base of commercial partners, and this sections will grow over time to help service the various business sectors that buy Neusu.

Lastly, we’ve taken on board some of the comments regarding ease of use of the site across devices and made two key changes: the website menu is now fully responsive so will work on desktop, tablet and mobile. Previously tablet users were having some problems with the menu system so we have built that back from the ground up. In addition, we have added a complete list of Neusu products onto the front page that can be browsed easily, so you can find the product you want quickly.