Using Vacuum Storage Bags With a Dyson

Dyson vacuum cleaners are great, but when you first open up your vacuum storage bags to use them, you may find that the connector on the end of the Dyson’s hose has a nodule on, and so doesn’t fit snugly up against the valve. Disaster?

Dyson and Vacuum Storage Bag

The end of Dyson cleaners doesn’t fit snugly up against the plastic valve of vacuum storage bags.

Solving this is actually incredibly simple and low tech. We’ve seen people suggesting developing a special attachment for Dyson cleaners, but you don’t actually need anything except your hand. The first thing to realise is that the valves on the vacuum storage bags are one way, so they will stop air going back in, so all you need to do is pull the air out and to do that, you don’t need a perfect seal, especially with a cleaner as effective as a Dyson.

Just cup your hand around the end of the Dyson tube and use your hand to create a loose seal with the bag. As long as the air gets sucked out, the bag will work fine.

Dyson Solution for vacuum storage bags

Solved! Simple and low tech, just complete the seal with your hand and the Dyson will work fine.

If you struggle to get your hand to create a perfect seal, then you just need anything that can help reduce the loss of suction, so place the Dyson tube up against the valve and wrap something like a hand towel around the tube up against the bag. It doesn’t need to be something that won’t let any air through, just something to reduce air loss. Either of these quick tips will make it easy to get your vacuum storage bags working perfectly with a Dyson.

As an aside, it’s actually important that you don’t create a “perfect” seal between your Dyson or any vacuum cleaner and a vacuum storage bag. If you were to leave the nozzle in place too long after removing all the air you run the risk of overheating the motor as it tries to remove air that isn’t there. At the very least, it’s unnecessary strain on the motor, and an imperfect seal that allows your cleaner to pull some air from around it is better. The Dyson is so powerful that slight air loss from around the valve will not be noticed when pulling the air out of the bag.