How To Label Vacuum Storage Bags

We were recently asked if it would be possible to add a label pocket to our vacuum storage bags so that you could note what was in each and be able to see what the contents were without opening the bags back up.

We explained that adding a pocket would revise the production process in quite an expensive way, and while we loved the idea, it would mean a price increase for the customer beyond the potential benefit. However, there is a much more simple solution that can be used to label the contents of pretty much any vacuum storage bag, including Neusu® ones.

Vacuum Storage Bag Label

Write on a scrap of paper with a large pen, then fold the paper in half to stop ink going through.

Get a piece of scrap paper and write a quick description of what is going into the vacuum storage bag. Something like “Winter King Size duvet + sheets”, for example. Use a decent size marker pen so the writing is visible, but make sure it dries before putting it on the bedding itself so that it doesn’t mark it.

Bonus Tip!
If you use a big permanent type marker, the ink often seeps through paper, so write on the top half of a piece of paper, let it dry and then fold the bottom half under the paper so that it backs it and means that none of the ink that went through will ever touch the bedding. Alternatively, use heavier paper or a lighter pen, but we like the thicker pens as they allow you to read the contents more easily when the bag is compressed.

Put the contents into the storage bags as normal and then slip the piece of paper on top of the contents inside the bag and position it so you can read it through the bag. Almost all vacuum bags, including Neusu ones, are more or less transparent or transparent with some writing/logos, so you can read through the bag if you position the paper correctly. Then seal the bag and remove the air as normal.

How to label a vacuum storage bag

Put the label inside so it’s visible and seal and reduce the bag as normal.

Hey presto, you have a labelled vacuum storage bag. Much better than using an adhesive label, because you can just throw out the paper and write a new one if you re-use the bag for something else later.