Different Types of Vacuum Storage Bags Explained

Vacuum storage bags aren’t all the same, and if you buy the wrong type for your needs, you can end up kicking yourself. All these space-saver bags work to the same principle, which is that you can drastically reduce the amount of space you need to store things like clothes and bedding if you remove and keep out the air from them before you put them away. Below you’ll find a detailed description of each, or you can watch our overview video now:

That basic idea aside though, there are several different types of compression bag:

Roll Up Storage Bags

6 Roll Up Travel Storage Bags

6 Roll Up Travel Storage Bags

These are the most basic version, and they are bags that you place your clothes in, roll up to reduce the amount of air and then seal. Normally these should be the smaller size of bag and are really intended for use when travelling, clothes storage bags to get more into suitcases.

They do work surprisingly well, but when buying them you should look to ensure that the bags come with a double zip seal and a clip to help you seal the zip. Also check out the quality as cheaper bags will pull or tear as you use them. Neusu® Travel Rolls are roll up storage bags, but ours are made from premium 80 Micron plastic and feature the double zip and clip.

Standard Vacuum Storage Bags

Heavy Duty Medium Value Pack offers 10 70cm x 50cm vacuum storage bags.

Heavy Duty Medium Value Pack offers 10 70cm x 50cm vacuum storage bags.

These are the most common type of vacuum storage bags. Like the roll up versions, you open the zip and fill them up, but then you seal the zip and there is a valve on the side of the bag. You attach a pump or use a vacuum cleaner and remove all the air. This makes them far more effective than the roll up version.

A good vacuum storage bag should feature a double zip and clip closure to keep the air out, and the valve should be self seal so that when you remove the pump or vacuum cleaner the air cannot get straight back in.

As it’s not required for the vacuum cleaner to make a perfect seal with the valve, most vacuum storage bags should be usable with most vacuum cleaners (you just use the nozzle to which you normally attach the small brushes, etc). However, not all manual pumps will fit all vacuum storage bags. The pump that comes with our Neusu Home and Travel Pack, for example, only fits the Medium and Large vacuum storage bags as the valves are smaller. A manual pump would not be effective at removing the air from sizes larger than this because of the sheer quantity of air to be removed. So while you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air from all Neusu vacuum bags, the manual pump is only suitable up to large.

When buying any of these standard vacuum storage bags, look out for the zip closure and details of the valve. Neusu vacuum storage bags have the double zip and clip, of course, as well as the self-seal valve and a screw cap that adds a further two seals (inner and outer) to stop air leakage. Additionally, our bags are all either Premium (33% stronger than standard) or Heavy Duty (80% stronger).

Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags

Neusu EasyStore™ Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags hold 5 garments in compressed format.

Neusu EasyStore Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags hold 5 garments in compressed format.

Not produced by many manufacturers, these are actually a great way to store your wardrobe ‘off season’ or to simply get some extra space into a wardrobe by compressing items not worn often. Neusu produces this type of vacuum storage bag as our EasyStore range. They feature a zip closure, with a hanger inside from which you can hang a number of garments (up to 5 per bag in the Neusu EasyStore range). The external part of the hanger is the hook to hold the bag on your wardrobe rail. It unscrews to reveal the valve that you remove the air from. Once the bag is compressed, screw the hook back on and hang it in your wardrobe where the whole bag now only takes up the space of a single garment.

Size Constraints

Those are the four different types of space-saving vacuum storage bags available, but a quick word on sizing in relation to the types may be helpful. The roll up versions are really only suitable in smaller sizes. The Standard vacuum storage bags are available in a whole range of sizes, and sizing varies by manufacturer, but see our guide to vacuum storage bag sizes as a start. However at the larger and Jumbo sizes for duvets, make sure you buy a high quality bag or they can tear and not offer the better quality zips.

The hanging vacuum bags just come in two sizes, one for jacket length and one longer for full length coats and dresses.

Whichever vacuum storage bag suits your needs, make sure you check out our guide to using vacuum storage bags to ensure that you get the best from your purchase, and it’s essential you get the correct size of bag, which our complete guide to vacuum bag sizes can help with.