Common Problems With Vacuum Storage Bags Solved

We want everyone to get the most from their storage bags, whether you bought them from us or not, so we’ve put together this FAQ page that deals with the 3 most common problems people encounter when using vacuum storage bags. If you have a different problem and the rest of our help pages or video tutorials can’t help you, please do drop us a line and we’ll do what we can to help.

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Vacuum Storage Bag Problems – Solved

Q. Why can’t I get the zip on the vacuum storage bag to close?

A. Whichever vacuum storage bag you are using, the answer to this question is normally that you are overfilling the bag. The bag should have an inch (2cm) clear between the contents and the zip to allow for a good seal, so if you don’t have that then the chances are that the contents are constantly pushing against you as you try to close the zip. The best solution is to use multiple bags of the correct size, and we have a guide to the correct sizes of vacuum storage bags to use here.

Of course, in practice, we know that sometimes bags are unruly and setting up 2cm spare is not possible, but in this case you need to close the zip slowly. Work ahead snapping the zip together and working the clip along to pull the zip fully closed. Push the contents down/in front of where you are puling the zip together to allow the zip to close. You may find that you haven’t managed to fully close both parts of the double zip in one go, so go back and pinch the zip together with your fingers. Pay particular attention to either end of the zip, and then run the clip over the zip in both directions fully to really ensure that it is closed. If you want additional advice on how to pack a little more into each bag, then our Pro Tip sheet that you can get by subscribing to our email newsletter at the bottom of this page has this little nugget included.

Q. My vacuum cleaner nozzle doesn’t clip onto/screw into the valve – how do I remove the air?

A. The valves aren’t intended to be clipped onto or to screw a vacuum cleaner into, and nor is there any need. The valves that do show a screw thread on the inside of the valve have it in case you are going to attach a manual pump (as you can do with the Neusu Medium and Large) in order to make the manual pump more effective, but if you are using a vacuum cleaner, you simply need to hold it firmly against the valve, whatever its size. It doesn’t need to create a solid seal in order to remove the air, and you’ll see that it quickly removes all the air just by holding it against the valve – this is because they are one-way valves so as the vacuum cleaner removes the air, it cannot get back in.

Q. Why does the vacuum not remain for more than a few hours? Are my bags faulty?

A. All bags will let air in over time, but good quality bags using good quality seals like Neusu can measure this in tiny/not noticeable amounts over a period of months. (In this case, you can just reapply the vacuum cleaner to the valve.) If you are seeing a vacuum bag re-inflate in a period of hours though, then in all likelihood, the bags are actually fine. We have never actually seen a bag returned where, under testing, the zips had failed. The problem is always that the zip hasn’t been closed fully. The tiniest gap will allow air back in, even if it’s imperceptible when you finish removing the air. If the place where the zip hasn’t fully clipped isn’t obvious then ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the problem is at one of the ends.

Even when you have run the clip fully across, it’s possible for a 1mm bit to have not clipped at one of the ends, so always pinch the end with your finger and thumb. If you have missed a bit, you’ll hear it click. Then check any parts of the zip that have been folded as this is the other area where bits can easily be missed. When you’re happy, run the clip across, pinching it tightly, fully from end to end. This should ensure the zip is genuinely sealed and that air won’t seep back in. We also have a help page that deals with the best way to achieve a perfect seal on your vacuum storage bags.