Heavy Duty Metal Shoe Rack

Product Details

50% stronger than other shoe racks of its size thanks to the full metal frame and shelves.

  • Metal mesh horizontal shelf pieces 50% stronger than standard plastic racks, capable of holding up to 15kg each
  • Stylish black metal mesh, powder coated to resist scratching
  • Can be reconfigured as you like, even leave out a mesh panel to give room for upright boots
  • Easy assembly in minutes (instructions provided), no tools required
  • Available in Standard, Large and Jumbo sizes

The clutter that takes over a family hallway is enough to drive anyone to distraction (we know!), so the Neusu® Heavy Duty shoe racks were designed to be able to take large quantities of shoes in a robust manner. To that end, rather than use the plastic covered shelves that similar shoe racks use, we had the Neusu racks created with full metal shelves capable of handling lots of weight (15kg on each shelf!) and with metal framed sides, so the whole rack becomes very solid once constructed.

High Quality Shoe Racks

Neusu has worked hard to ensure that these are great quality, well thought out shoe racks. Not only will they take the weight, but rather than feature multiple smaller compartments, we’ve used larger double compartments.

If you’re a tidy sort, then you can neatly rack two pairs of shoes in each compartment side by side, but if you become overwhelmed, the compartments are deliberately double width so that no space is lost with dividers. What this means is that you can easily fit an extra pair of infrequently used shoes at the back by stacking them on top of each other. As the back of the rack is solid, they will be hidden away, but still accessible. It’s just an extra bit of thought we put in based on our own experiences!

Should you really get overrun with shoes (no pun intended) all Neusu Heacy Duty Shoes racks are configurable, so you can buy additional units and build them onto the existing one. You’ll also see that several models can be built into different configurations to make the most of your available space.

» Standard Size Heavy Duty Shoe Rack (Tower or Horizontal) – Available with or without doors
» Large Size Heavy Duty Shoe Rack – Available with or without doors
» Jumbo Size Heavy Duty Shoe Rack – Available with or without doors