Maxi Heavy Duty Vacuum Storage Bags

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Available from Amazon and other online retailers, these are the highest quality bags available.

Maxi Size: 110cm x 80cm, suitable for a king size duvet.

  • 110 Micron heavy duty PA & PE, 80% thicker and stronger than standard duty vacuum bags
  • Double plastic zip to seal in vacuum for longer
  • Turbo valve for fast air extraction
  • Valve will self seal when removing air and offer 3 levels of seal to stop leakage
  • Also available in Medium, Large, Extra Large and Jumbo sizes

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Maxi size vacuum bags sit between the Extra Large and Jumbo sizes. They are 110cm x 80cm, and you can fit a king size duvet in one. They are ideal for when you need to compress a really large duvet, but don’t have the space for storing a Jumbo bag, but obviously they have less capacity than the Jumbo which can fit multiple duvets or duvets and bedding and pillows in a single bag.