Heavy Duty 110 Micron Vacuum Storage Bags

Product Details

Available from Amazon and other online retailers, these are the highest quality bags available.

  • 110 Micron heavy duty PA & PE, 80% thicker and stronger than standard duty vacuum bags
  • All bags feature double plastic zip to seal in vacuum for longer
  • All bags feature turbo valve for fast air extraction
  • All valves self seal and offer 3 levels of seal to stop leakage
  • Available in Medium, Large, Extra Large, Maxi and Jumbo sizes
  • Mix Pack Available – includes Jumbo, Xl, L & M
Perfect storage solution.
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Neusu®’s Heavy Duty vacuum storage bags are the top of the line for compression storage. Our heavy duty storage bags are made from 110 Micron PA & PE material, which is 80% thicker and stronger than standard vacuum storage bags and a full 33% thicker than our own Premium vacuum storage bags even. This minimises the change of accidental damage when zipping shut the bags, or of puncture or tears when storing them.

Best Quality Vacuum Storage Bags

To complement the quality of the material, the bags all feature a double zip closure to seal the bags and ensure minimum leakage, while the extraction valves for the vacuum cleaner nozzle are all turbo valves for fast extraction, and feature a self-seal, so that air does not leak back in once extracted. The valves then feature additional seals around the screw cap to offer further reduction in air ingress.

Neusu Heavy Duty Vacuum Storage Bags are available in the following sizes:
» Medium
» Large
» Extra Large
» Maxi
» Jumbo
» Mix Pack & Extra Value Variety Pack

In addition to these standard Heavy Duty versions, Neusu also offers heavy duty bags as part of the following ranges:
» Neusu Home & Travel Heavy Duty Vacuum Bags
» Neusu EasyStore Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags