Foldable Storage Boxes

Product Details
This is the Medium Foldable Storage Box, part of the Neusu® Foldable Storage Range.

This is the Medium Foldable Storage Box, part of the Neusu Foldable Storage Range.

  • Made from improved materials, up to 50% stronger than similar boxes
  • Pop up in seconds and rigid when set up
  • Fold flat for storage when not in use
  • Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Jumbo

How can you make foldable storage better? That was the question we asked ourselves when we created this new line of Neusu Premium Foldable Storage Boxes.

The answer was to look at every component and work out how to improve them and to ensure that the resulting box was capable of performing to the standards that its size dictated. In short, we upgraded them.

Superior Quality Folding Storage Boxes

Most folding boxes use the cheapest, thinnest board for the sides and top and bottom and then cover that board with a cheap, generic material. The result is a box that can fold, which is a great design, but one that’s flimsy when opened up, meaning that it either can’t hold reasonable amounts or simply falls apart.

Neusu Foldable Boxes are very different. We created them in different sizes, and as the sizes increase so do the specifications, so that larger sizes use more heavy duty materials.

For the nerds out there, it’s simple physics. Smaller boxes can use thinner materials and be sturdy while larger boxes will need thicker ones to remain sturdy because of the potential pressure exerted across the area.

The result is a set of foldable storage boxes that are exclusively manufactured for Neusu and of which we are incredibly proud:
» Small Premium Foldable Storage Box
» Medium Premium Foldable Storage Box
» Large Premium Foldable Storage Box
» Jumbo Heavy Duty Foldable Storage Box

Key Features

  • All boxes are covered in an attractive black fabric that suits any décor
  • All boxes can be folded flat when not in use
  • All boxes have a tab attached to the base that you put into the box to make it rigid, so you can easily remove it again, making re-use easy
  • All boxes have handles reinforced with metal rivets
  • All boxes have a lid with a lip that closes over the top of the box