Vacuum Storage Bags For Hotels and B&Bs

Hotels need vacuum storage bags that don’t rip and fail. Most household vacuum storage bags are made from 60 Micron plastic, which is flimsy, but Neusu®’s Heavy Duty Vacuum Storage Bags are all made from 110 Microns, 80% thicker. This has made them firm favourites with hotels, bed and breakfasts and holiday-let cottage companies across the UK.

Like all vacuum storage bags, all linens need to be fully dried before storage, and the zips need to be fully and completely sealed in order for the vacuum to work, but then the bags will remain sealed down for months. To make things easier for hotel users, the bags all come with a full instruction booklet, so staff can read what they need to do in order to effectively store bedding.

Once your hotel, B&B or cottage’s bedding is stored successfully in one of our vacuum storage bags, you want to consider putting the bags into one of our heavy duty bedding bags for hotels to store them away in a cupboard.

The Jumbo vacuum storage bags can handle multiple king size duvets in one bag and come in packs of five. They are strong and reliable. Note that once full they can be heavy and if you need to use multiple bags to store away bedding, it is worth also investing in one of the 200 Litre Heavy Duty Bedding Bags to carry them in.

Customer Reviews for Neusu Jumbo Heavy Duty Vacuum Storage Bags

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Slightly smaller than the Jumbos, measuring 110cm x 80cm, these can still handle a duvet and pillows, but remain manageable. Again, they are available in packs of five.

The Extra Large vacuum storage bags are the most popular consumer compression bag size, and they can handle double duvets or lots of sheets or pillows. As a result they are popular with B&Bs and cottages to let for storing out of season bedding.

Putting away bedding for a prolonged period can be a headache for rental cottages, hotels and Bed & Breakfast guest houses, but Neusu’s range of vacuum storage bags can make it easier, saving you space and offering extra protection to ensure that everything is fine when the time comes to get it back out for your guests.