Underbed Storage Bags For Hotels

Alongside our bedding storage bags that can be used in hotel storage rooms, we also find that some hotels can still find a use for underbed storage bags, and Neusu® has a selection of unique sizes, all made in the heavy duty 600D PVC backed polyester that we use for our other bedding storage bags.

Using underbed storage bags in hotels can be effective, if you can place one bag under the bed in such a way as not to be noticed by or inconvenience the guest, but many hotels have divan beds that don’t offer you additional storage space. These flat storage bags can still be useful in hotels though, either on the top unused shelf of the wardrobe in the guest room to store additional pillows or bedding, or on top of the wardrobe itself. Alternatively, as they are flat, they can be filled with sets of bedding and stacked up on top of each other in storage rooms.

For additional protection from moisture or for improving long terms storage, these bags can be used together with Neusu’s Heavy Duty Vacuum Storage Bags for hotels.

Available in beige or black, the 80 Litre underbed storage bag is the smallest Neusu bag, and is the best rated bag on Amazon. This is because we use high quality 600D polyester together with a stronger zip, to ensure that the bag is good enough for hotel use. This bag can normally also be stored on tops of wardrobes.

Customer Reviews for Neusu 80 Litre Underbed Storage Bags

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Our extra large underbed storage bag is a step up, and is also available in beige or black. It offers 130 litres’ storage space, so can handle multiple duvets or duvets and pillows, and as a result we have designed it to include four handles, rather than the standard one, with two on the front and one on each end. This allows you to move the bag around easily without it tearing. To make it easy to remember what is stored in each bag, there is a label pouch on the outside of the bag.

Our largest underbed bag offers 180 litres’ storage, and can handle multiple duvets easily. As with the extra large bag it has our handles to allow you to manoeuvre it easily. It also includes the label pouch so that you can see what is inside a bag, and also has a double zipper zip, so you can unzip the bag from the centre to either side to make it easier to use.