Business Customers

While Neusu® is a household brand, the quality of our products has brought us to the attention of many business customers who need to store a variety of items. Whether it’s for a small hotel chain needing to store bedding or an oil rig needing to maximise space in storing overalls, Neusu products are the hardest wearing of their type and are therefore ideal for businesses.

Our storage boxes have been bought by schools up and down the UK, while our huge range of storage bags has been used by hotels, B&Bs and holiday-let cottages across the UK and Europe. Our vacuum storage bags have been used by hotels and superyachts, theatre companies and Hollywood film studios! Take a look at the bedding bags used by one renowned cruise ship line and you’ll find us there. In short, our bags are trusted and loved by all sorts of businesses around the world and we’re excited to supply all sizes of companies with the products they need.

If you are just looking for one or two items, you can buy them directly from Amazon as usual, and then contact us using the Amazon Merchant Messaging service to request a VAT invoice. We are VAT registered in all the territories we trade in, so are happy to supply the invoice as soon as the item has shipped and the transaction completed.

For orders above 1,000 units, feel free to us about your requirements: with most of our in stock items we can arrange rapid delivery, but for larger orders, we may need to work to a mutually agreed lead time. For orders above 3,000 units, we can discuss creating bespoke versions, such as ones in a corporate colour or a specific size. Contact with your interests and we’ll work with you to achieve the required outcome.

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