Ways to Tidy Up Your Bedroom

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It goes without saying that as you work your way through the bedroom looking at what you need to store, you should probably have a bin bag in one hand where you ruthlessly ditch the items that really aren't worth keeping. That half pot of nail varnish you haven't touched in 6 months - it can go!
Everyone we know complains that they just can't seem to keep their bedroom tidy. It's an ongoing battle against the clutter and the mess, but we have some tips and some products that can help. This article will talk through all the various ways in which you can make the best use of bedroom space to create a less messy room, with homes for everything tidied away.

The first thing you need to do when wanting to create a tidy bedroom that can stay that way is to assess why the room is getting messy in the first place. If everything that's out has a home to go to, well, then you just need to tidy up!

More likely though, especially in modern flats and houses, there just isn't enough storage space. This is not necessarily the end of the road though, because there are ways to maximise the use of the space available and to make use of space that may be redundant.

Make a list of what is causing the most issues - too many pairs of shoes, nowhere to put spare bedding, T-Shirts and jumpers with no shelves or drawers, or wardrobe full. When you know what you need to deal with, we can work through the list and look at possible solutions.

Making more room in the wardrobe

The most common piece of bedroom furniture can often get upgraded

So, the wardrobe is full, eh? But there's nothing you can do without. Shut the door in despair? Don't be silly; read on for the various ways you can get more space in almost any wardrobe.

Most people have a set of clothes hanging in the wardrobe that are rarely worn, or out of season. That doesn't mean you don't need to keep them, but they are probably taking up a lot of room. Unless they are not suitable (covered in feathers, or featuring huge shoulder pads, etc), then a hanging vacuum storage bag can help reduce the space these clothes take up. Neusu's EasyStore Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags are heavy duty like our other vacuum bags, and come with a hanger for use in your wardrobe. You can get four or five items into each bag (make sure you use a plastic hanger) and they take up less room that a single original item. With four bags in each pack, you can free up a lot of space in one fell swoop.

If the problem is that your wardrobe doesn't have any shelves, and you have nowhere to put jumpers and T-Shirts unless you hang them up using up lots of space with coat hangers, then one of our hanging wardrobe organisers is the solution. If it's a full depth wardrobe, then for maximum use of space, we recommend the full height 8 Shelf Heavy Duty Wardrobe Organiser, as not only is it top of the line quality, its design include side pockets for things like socks, so you can really store a lot with it.

Next, it's time to look at the bottom of the wardrobe. Hopefully it's empty space, but just as likely, there's shoes or just "stuff" thrown there. However, as most clothes don't hang all the way to the floor or the wardrobe, this is space we need to make the most of. If you've got lots of pairs of shoes, or even shoe boxes, in the bottom, then consider one of our Underbed Shoe Organisers to get them out from the wardrobe and easily stored under the bed to free up space we can use for other things (more on underbed storage bags a little later).

We have a couple of options when it comes to adding storage to the bottom of a wardrobe, depending on which is most appropriate. Measure the space you have, including the height underneath the clothes and look at what you want to store here to make the best decision.

For general clothes or other material items (bedding, etc), take a look at some of our smaller heavy duty storage bags, specifically the 50 Litre Heavy Duty Twin Pack as they can be filled up and lifted in and out with their unique 360-degree reinforced handles. They should fit in the bottom of any wardrobe, but check the measurements against your own wardrobe to make sure first.

If you want to hide away other bits of clutter, like make up or papers, etc, then one of our foldable boxes is ideal. They have rigid sides and look very neat and close up with a lid to hide away all sorts of bits and pieces. Like the storage bags, they should fit in the bottom of most wardrobes, especially the Small and Medium Twin Packs.

Lastly, let's consider the top of the wardrobe. If it's a fitted wardrobe, then it likely has a shelf, but it's almost impossible to reach the back of the shelf unless you are a giant, making only the front of the shelf useful. If it's a standalone wardrobe, then it has a top, which we can put things on. Again, you may choose to use something like the foldable boxes we mentioned earlier, but many people have contacted us over the years to explain that they actually found our heavy duty underbed storage bags fitted nicely atop their wardrobe and had created masses of extra storage space for them. We don't like to brag, but we really believe ours are the best underbed storage bags, so if one of these will fit, they are a great solution.

As they come with handles, you can easily pull them on and off shelves (just don't let them drop heavily to risk tearing the handle - they are good, but not invincible!), and from the tops of standalone wardrobes. These bags can add anything from 70 Litre or even 130 Litres of extra storage space, enough for duvets, bedding, clothes, etc). We're going to take a look at our underbed storage offerings next, so read on and if they are suitable for the top of your wardrobe as well, select the most useful for you.

Underbed Storage Bag Solutions

Often neglected, or with slippers just kicked underneath, this otherwise unusable space could solve your bedroom storage problems

Not only do we create the best underbed storage bags, we also have the widest range of sizes and colours, and each is manufactured to the highest standard. Assuming you don't have a divan bed, then even a single bed can house a couple of underbed storage bags and give you masses of new storage room.

If you are looking to store away clothes, bedding or duvets, or even some heavier items like books (use a bag with multiple handles for heavier loads), then one of the straightforward underbed bags is a perfect choice, but if you are looking to store shoes, we have specially designed underbed shoe organisers as we mentioned earlier. (An extra tip here - if you have shoe boxes full, then consider taking them out of their boxes and storing them in one of these organisers under the bed or in the bottom or top of the wardrobe, as they will take up a lot less room in one of our organisers than all the individual shoe boxes stacked up.)

All of our underbed storage bags are made from heavy duty 600D polyester with a damp proof backing. The larger sizes come with four handles to allow you to move them when full and heavy, and they all are made with a strong zip. They all have absolute rave reviews on Amazon, so feel free to check out what other customers have to say.

We hope that this has given you some ideas on how to make the most of the storage space in your bedroom, and if you want any individual advice, please feel free to get in touch.

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