The Perfect Seal On Your Vacuum Storage Bag

Never Overfill a Vacuum Storage Bag

Our vacuum bag instructions include a line reminding you not to overfill a single bag, but to use multiple bags instead. We thought it might be worth explaining why this is more than a cynical attempt to sell more bags!

If you put too many items in a single bag, you create two initial problems. Firstly, you’ll find sealing the bag in the first place very hard and because of the pressures involved, make it much more likely that you will slice through the bag’s plastic with the clip when trying to force it closed. Secondly, it means that you cannot create the perfect seal on your space saver bag, so the compression is less likely to be effective.

Multiple duvets in a Jumbo storage bag

Getting the right size bag for the job will avoid problems with leakage.

Now, there are ways to get more items into a single bag, and we’ll pass on that Pro tip later, but for now, let’s discuss what amount of stuff you can realistically fit into the different sizes of vacuum storage bags. Bear in mind, these refer to the Neusu® Vacuum Storage Bags, although we’ll include the bag dimensions so that you can translate the information to other brands if you have been foolhardy enough to buy them!

How much is too much for a vacuum storage bag?

Let’s start at the lowest end with the Medium size bags, which measure 70cm x 50cm. These are only suitable for a small(ish) pile of clothes each. They are very good for packing away baby or children’s clothes, or for storing some off-season clothes. You can also put towels, lightweight single duvets, etc in.

Too much: double duvets and multiple pillows

Large vacuum storage bags are 80cm x 60cm and actually increase the capacity by about 40% despite the small increase in size (all about area calculations). These can handle a lot of clothes, so make packing away your wardrobe to make space very easy, and they can also handle most single duvets and pillows.

Too much: winter single duvets, double duvets and winter duvets

When we get to the Extra Large Vacuum Storage Bags (our most popular size), we’re entering the serious territory. These measure 100cm x 70cm and can handle a huge amount of clothes, including bulky winter jumpers, etc. Each bag will eat up a double duvet with no problem and have room for a couple of pillows to be squeezed in.

Too much: king size duvets, especially winter weight, or multiple duvets

Next step up from the XLs is our Maxi size, which measure 110cm x 80cm. These can handle king size winter duvets or two double duvets. Obviously, you can also pile in clothes, towels, bedding etc.

Too much: multiple king size winter duvets, or king size duvets with pillows and bedding

Finally we come to the Jumbo, which measures 130cm x 100cm and is much bigger than the Jumbo size of other brands. These are huge, and that means you need something you can trust the zip and the material on, or else they are likely to tear and fail. In these Neusu Jumbos you can find multiple king size duvets – for example, we put one winter king size duvet and two winter double duvets in the same bag and had room left over. For comparison, we used one bag to store 9 pillows.

Too much: three king size duvets, mattresses, etc. Not much, truth be told, but if you are packing away a full house (to move, etc) just be guided by common sense.

To get more of an idea on packing up the different sizes of vacuum storage bags, you can check out “What size vacuum storage bag do I need?” And if the answer is, as it often is, a variety of different size, then don’t forget Neusu now has two variety packs available – check out the links on the right.

And now, as promised, the bit everyone is looking for, which is how to cheat the system and actually get more into each vacuum bag…

Pro Packing Tip
Getting more into a single vacuum storage bag

Choose the right size bag, or use multiple bags if you need to, but this tip will help you get a little more into a bag if you have to.

You’ve got all the items out that you want to pack away, but they won’t all go into a single bag, but there’s not really enough to warrant a second bag. You’ve tried cramming them all into a single bag, but it won’t zip close, and certainly won’t give you the best possible seal. What do you do?

Firstly, you make sure that the items are folded properly. As all items crease when stored under compression, it can be tempting to just shove them into the bag, but that’s an inefficient use of space, and it will work better if the items are folded properly first. That’s not very exciting advice though, is it?

OK, next, get the majority of the items together, as much as you think you can get into the bag safely and put the remainder folded ready to one side. Ensure you include the most bulky and the most likely to shrink down items, not the ones that have little air to be removed. Put them neatly into the bag, seal it properly and remove all of the air.

When the bag has been shrunk down, open it back up. When you re-open the bag, air will rush back in, but the items inside will not spring straight back up to their full size (to do that you need to take them and out give them a shake to make the fibres spring back). You’ll find that there’s a little more room to put the extras in than there was before you extracted the air the first time. Put the rest of the items you had ready into the bag on top and then re-seal it properly; do this quickly, but not in such a rush that you damage the bag. Then re-vacuum the bag, and pat yourself on the back. Maybe drop us an email to tell us how you got on. Make a coffee. I don’t know; you decide.