Twin Pack 50 Litre Bedding Clothes Bags

Neusu® Launches Winter 2016 Products

Neusu® has been expanding its range of premium home storage products throughout 2016, and we’re pleased to announce that we are closing the year with our Winter 2016 additions. These include offering our already popular bedding bags in black as well as beige, and some new sizes of heavy duty storage bags:
» 50 Litre (Twin Pack 2 x 50L) Bedding/Clothes Bags
» 150 Litre Bedding Storage Bag
» 12 Pair Underbed Shoe Storage Bag

12 Pair Underbed Shoe Storage bag

Store up to 12 pairs of shoes in this underbed bag.

The full list of our storage bags now available in both beige and black is:
» 40 Litre (Twin Pack 2 x 40L) Bedding/Clothes Bags (Beige or Black)
» 70 Litre Versatile Clothes Bag (Beige or Black)
» 100 Litre Bedding Cube (Beige or Black)
» 200 Litre Bedding Chest (Beige or Black)
» 80 Litre Underbed Storage Bag (Beige or Black)
» 130 Litre Extra Large Underbed Storage Bag (Beige or Black)

In total we now offer dozens of different sizes, styles and colours of bedding storage bags in what we believe is the UK’s largest selection, so whether it needing to put away a single spare duvet or store up a season of bedding for your hotel, Neusu is the leading choice for bedding and duvet storage.

Lastly, to round out the winter launches, we’re pleased to announce that we have also added a black version of our 5 Shelf Heavy Duty Organiser, and it’s already won several 5-Star reviews on Amazon.