Vacuum storage bag after months

How Long Do Vacuum Storage Bags Last?

Yesterday provided me with an excellent example of how long a well packed high quality vacuum storage bag should last, ie hold its vacuum. If you make sure you have the perfect seal, and if you don’t damage the bag (pierce it), then a Neusu® bag will hold its vacuum for months on end as you can see. Yesterday was December 7th and I had to make the annual trip into our loft to retrieve the bag of Christmas jumpers and soft furnishings (yes, we have a Christmas cushion – don’t ask). The bag was still a solid rectangular block of vacuumed out goodness that had gone into the loft over eleven months ago.

Vacuum storage bag after months

After nearly a year in storage, this Neusu bag had barely let any air in at all.

I brought it downstairs to check it (here it is photographed yesterday after nearly a year), and in honesty, yes, you could detect a slight softening in the bag. Would I have bothered removing the air again if we’d just wanted to keep it stored? Probably not, it was still so solid that the change was hardly noticeable.

So there you have it – when used correctly the Neusu bags hold their vacuum for months and months on end.

We occasionally get a problem reported by a customer that a bag has only held its vacuum for a matter of hours, and as long as the bag hasn’t been damaged, it always turns out to be that the zip had not been checked properly to ensure it was fully closed along the entire length. If you have experienced problems where our bags let in air in days, then please read over to our extensive help section, which covers all the best practice and troubleshooting guides. You can also sign up to our newsletter (bottom of this page) and get the Pro Tips sheet immediately that is a great companion to the Instruction leaflet that comes with all our bags.

If you are using cheaper bags, then you may well find that your vacuum storage bag only keeps airtight for a few days. There are lots of possible reasons for this. Cheaper bags use cheap zips that don’t seal, and the zips are attached to low quality (often 60 Microns vs our Premium 80 and Heavy Duty 110) plastic that they don’t adhere to well enough so come apart. Being so much thinner, they are also easier to tear and pierce.

In short a good quality bag, like those from Neusu, will hold its vacuum for months when properly filled, sealed and stored, but cheaper brands are likely to fail sooner than that. You can maximise your chances of any brand working longer by following our guide on how to use vacuum storage bags, and looking at our tips section.