Loaded Touring Bike With Panniers

Heavy Duty Travel Vacuum Bags For Cycling and Hiking

Over the years we’ve had quite a few cyclists get in touch asking for us to consider extending the Neusu® travel roll range to include the Heavy Duty bags not just the Premium ones, and we’re pleased to say that we launched a full range of these earlier this year, not just for cyclists but for all holidaymakers, but today we want to talk about their use for cycling holidays and hiking.

Travel Storage Bags For Cyclists

As keen touring cyclists ourselves (plus a bit of racing, but we tend to ditch the panniers for that!), we know why travel bags are important. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that if you are packing up panniers without using travel rolls, you are making life harder for yourself.

Ultimately, while we love the two wheels, we are the first to admit that bicycles cannot carry as much luggage as a car. Panniers, saddle bags, tube bags and front wheel bags all add to the capacity of your bike, but of course they add weight even when empty and for us, more importantly, they add bulk and make it harder to handle.

Loaded Touring Bike With Panniers

Get more capacity from your panniers by using travel roll bags to reduce space used by clothes.

So the ideal solution is to get as much as possible into as few panniers on the bike as possible and this is where travel roll bags come in. You can put your spare kit and changes of clothes into the bags as well as lightweight towels, etc, and then roll them down to reduce their volume by pushing all the air out of the special air channel at the bottom – our Neusu Heavy Duty Travel Rolls come with a complete instruction booklet to help you get the most from them. This means that not only can you pack more efficiently at home, but you can do it every night while you are away, which you can’t do with normal vacuum storage bags.

Secondly, and typing as someone who has toured on their bike in the UK, panniers are not fully weatherproof. Not when you get caught out on your bike in hours and hours (and hours, not that I’m bitter) of rain. This is where you kiss your travel roll bags for keeping everything inside your panniers dry. In fact, while the primary use of these bags for cyclists is to reduce the packing space, they are a pretty good idea for putting other things like electronics in before putting them inside your panniers. They protect against rain and damp or spillage if there are drinks, for example, in your pannier that suddenly and unnecessarily leak.

If you happen to be opting for off-road and muddy mountain bikes on your route, then obvious weather proofing the contents of any bag, even a rucksack is worth considering – opening up the bag when the mud from the back wheel has splattered up your back only to transfer said mud onto your clean T Shirt is annoying and avoided if the clothes inside are in a waterproof bag like this.

Lastly, the other reason for considering travel storage rolls like ours for your next cycling holiday is their ability to increase your range. Even if you are happy to add every bag you can find to your bike, there’s still a depressingly small amount of storage space available, which limits how many days you can go away cycling in one go. By using roll up bags, you can get more clothes and go further.

Travel Storage Bags For Hikers

The same bags are useful for hiking, but obviously you are limited to how much you can carry even more than on a bike. Another key thing for hikers to consider is the weight – yes, these bags will allow you to get more into your rucksack, but the weight will be the same and so you could end up with a very heavy backpack to carry!

Pack more into your rucksack

Get more into your rucksack for hiking with travel rolls.
Photo Credit: ©Gunnar Hildonen, reproduced under license. No changes were made.

It may be that you just have to suck that up and use the bags in order to get everything you need in, but if you are not needing them for that reason, then they may allow you to take a smaller rucksack, which even though it will weigh the same (while the contents will, but of course a smaller bag itself weighs less) will still be less cumbersome when walking.

When packing the rucksack with the travel storage bags, unlike the bikes, you can sometimes find that leaving them rolled allows you to get them into the cylindrical design of the rucksack on thir sides easier then folded back out flat. You can then push things like bottles into the middle of the rolled up bag. It allows for more efficient packing.

Above and beyond the packing capacity though, the protection of the contents again the elements and against leaks are good reasons for investing in a set of travel roll bags.

You can buy any of the Heavy Duty Travel Rolls from Amazon.co.uk from the links on the right of this page, or if you visit the product page on this site (Medium, Large, Extra Large or Assorted), you will find the links to buy them in the UK, Germany and France as we are aware that a lot of interest in these bags come from hikers and cyclists in Europe. If you have any questions, feedback or photos, please do contact us. We love to hear from customers.

Lastly, Neusu offers a whole range of travel roll and storage bags, which you may wish to consider.

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