Largest Underbed Storage Bag

Capacity of Underbed Storage Bags Explained

Bedroom storage space is always at a premium, no matter the size of your house, and the solution for many people is to use the dead space underneath the beds to store items that aren’t needed often. It’s a great place for out of season clothes or spare bedding and duvets, but what size bag will fit under each bed?

Neusu® produces three sizes of underbed bag, and we try to help customers understand the capacity of each by giving the dimensions and the litre capacity, but what does 80 Litres mean and would 180 litres fit under a single bed? Read on, and we’ll try to make it all clear.

Underbed Storage Bag Capacities

Neusu’s smallest underbed bag is 80 litres, and measures 96cm x 48cm x 18cm. The 18cm height means that it will fit underneath any non-divan bed, and area-wise, this bag will fit under any child’s single bed even. In terms of how much it can take, 80 litres will easily take a 10 tog double duvet and two pillows, or a lot of drawers of clothes. However, it does mean that you are still not taking advantage of a lot of the space under your beds.

That’s why we developed two unique sizes: the XL and the Jumbo underbed bag. The XL bag has 130 litres of capacity, so 50 litres more than the standard size. It measures 96cm x 78cm x 18cm and inside you can fit two double duvets with relative ease. It still fits under standard size single beds and you can fit two of these under a double bed.

The largest underbed bag which is bigger than anything else on the market is the Jumbo and it offers a massive 180 litres of storage space. The Jumbo measures 125cm x 80cm x 18cm size and is more than double the capacity of the standard size and nearly 40% more than the XL. This means that you can easily get two king size duvets and pillows and bedding into a Jumbo bag, or an entire wardrobe of clothes. Jumbo bags do actually fit under single beds, so they are no problem at all under doubles and kingsizes.

Capacity of Jumbo Underbed Storage Bag

The Neusu Jumbo Underbed Storage Bag can take nine pillows in one bag, for example. Why we even have nine spare pillows is not a question I can answer.

It’s important to note that with both the XL and the Jumbo size, Neusu ensured that the bags could still be maneuvered when filled by adding four handles to the bag, with two on the front and one on each end.

Multiple bags underbed

Multiple bags will fit under any double or kingsize bed to make the very most of the ununsed storage space.

To make the absolute most of your underbed space, you can fit multiple bags under the same bed. A kingsize bed, for example, can take two Jumbo bags along the side and a standard underbed at the end of the bed. This gives you an incredible 440 litres worth of capacity, or enough for most people to empty their wardrobes and bedding chests into. It’s enough for 6 double/kingsize duvets and bedding with room to spare.