Best Underbed Storage

Fit anything up to a king size winter duvet and pillows into the Underbed Blanket Storage Bag.

Fit anything up to a king size winter duvet and pillows into the Underbed Blanket Storage Bag.

Over the past year, Neusu® has been quietly revolutionising the underbed storage world (yup, such a thing exists – go figure). We started by launching the best underbed storage bag we could, which meant improving the quality of the material, the handle and the zip so that our underbed storage bags were much better and stronger than anyone else’s. The result was the Neusu 80 Litre Heavy Duty Underbed Storage Bag, and it quickly won over customers and has been winning rave five star reviews from users ever since.

As a result, we set about finding out what would make the best range of underbed storage bags possible, and worked with our manufacturer to create them. Over a period of six months we developed and launched three more underbed storage products, so that Neusu now has the most comprehensive and useful set of underbed bags possible.

To compliment the 80 Litre bag, we created an XL version (130 Litres) and a Jumbo version (180 Litres), but we knew that simply increasing the capacity would lead to problems, so sticking with our product ethos of best quality possible, we added a second handle to the front of each of the new bags and then also one on each end. The thinking was simple – if fully loaded, a single handle would be both hard to use and liable to break, but in addition, larger bags need to be turned and manoeuvred into place, so the handle at each end would facilitate this.

Additionally, as the surface area of the bags is increased (they are bigger!), then a single zip would require you to unzip all the way around to see what was inside or get to items, so we upgraded that as well so the zip has two zippers, so you can unzip in either direction as required.

The result is a set of three different sized underbed storage bags that are truly heavy duty, truly useful and truly unique, and our users love them!

We realise of course that bigger is not always better, and that sometimes you need a smaller bag to put a few items under the bed, so we created a 20 Litre storage bag, still in the heavy duty 600D polyester, but 45cm x 45cm, and it too has proved a winner with customers.

We’re not resting our laurels though, and there are already plans to add some exciting (is that the right word?) new products to the under bed line up. Keep your eyes peeled!