Heavy Duty Underbed Storage Bag Jumbo (XXL) – 180 Litres

The largest underbed storage bag available anywhere! Or at least we've not found anyone who has created anything like this Neusu Jumbo Underbed Storage Bag. After the incredible success of our Extra Large Underbed Storage Bag, we decided to go one better and create the biggest bag we could that would still fit under double beds. The result is this mammoth 180 Litre capacity bag - that's right it has over twice the capacity of the underbed bags from other makes.

We had to ensure that we use only the best 600D material so it's strong enough to cope with the load, and we also copied the same design principles from the extra large version, so it has four handles (two on the front and one on each end) to make it possible to move when full and without tearing. It also has the double zipper to allow you to unzip the bag in either direction, as well as the internal mesh pouch for the pot pourri or anti-damp sachet and the label pouch on the back for keeping track of contents.

All very exciting, but you want to know just how much stuff you can get into a Jumbo underbed bag, don't you? Well, the answer is masses! It will easily fit two king size winter duvets or similar amounts of bedding. It's huge. You can still fit one of these lengthways down the bottom of a king size bed (or sideways on a double bed), so you can put other underbed storage down the sides of the bed and store away even more.

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Largest Underbed Storage Bag

The Neusu Jumbo Underbed Storage bag is the largest available with 180 Litre capacity.

  • 125cm x 80cm x 18cm
  • 180 litre storage capacity
  • 600D Heavy Duty Polyester
  • Four web-stitched handles (two front + one each end)
  • Fits multiple duvets, even king size, and pillows under one bed

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The XXL Underbed Storage Bag

Neusu's Jumbo Underbed Bag offers a massive 180 Litres of capacity

In addition to the XL Underbed Bag, Neusu also produces a Heavy Duty Jumbo Underbed Storage Bag. This is the largest underbed storage bag available and is exclusive to Neusu. It's made to maximise the use of potential storage space under your bed, and despite its increased size and capacity will still fit under any adult single bed (non-divan) and above, so doubles, king sizes, etc.

As the bag is jumbo sized, at 125cm x 80cm x 18cm, it is made from durable and strong 600D polyester and has two handles on the front to ensure you can pull it out from the bed when full. There's also a handle on either end to help you manoeuvre it when full and all four handles are web-stitched to reinforce them.

Inside the bag is a mesh pocket for small items or a pot pourri sachet to help keep things fresh, and there's a plastic label wallet on the outside so you can write what is in each bag.

The bag offers more than double the capacity of standard 80 Litre underbed bags, at 180 Litres, so it can store multiple duvets, pillows, sheets, etc in a single bag.

To make the most of the bag, consider using the Neusu Heavy Duty Jumbo Vacuum Bags, which allow you to pack even more into the bag.

The Largest Underbed Storage Bag - 180 Litres