Heavy Duty Underbed Shoe Storage Bag – 12 Pairs

We all have too many shoes, but where to put them. yes, you could kick them under the bed, but why not store them neatly under there instead? Offering high quality protection for all your footwear, the Neusu underbed shoe organisers are designed and made only for us. This makes them considerably better quality than other similar bags.

How so? Well, they are made from the same damp proof high quality 600D polyester we use on all our underbed storage bags, but more than this, we have stitched every pocket in place, not used velcro like others. We've also double lined the sides so that the stitching is hidden away, and the walls are stronger. Each compartment is bigger than on other bags so you can get men's shoes inside the pockets as well as women's. The lid is made from 33% thicker transparent PVC and rather than a single handle, these bags have four so you can move it easily and without tearing.

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12 Pair Underbed Shoe Storage bag

Store up to 12 pairs of shoes in this underbed bag.

  • 72m x 72cm x 18cm
  • 12 pairs of shoes capacity
  • Strong 600D polyester fabric with 2mm PVC clear lid
  • Four reinforced stitched handles (2 front, 1 each end)
  • Larger pockets than other similar bags (up to size 12)
  • Fixed/sewn dividers

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12 Pair Shoe Underbed Storage & Organiser Bag

Bigger compartments, better design, higher quality - the shoe organiser of choice!

A smaller version of the Neusu 20 Pocket Underbed Shoe Storage Bag, this 12 pocket version is nonetheless made to the same high specification. Like its bigger brother, the individual pockets are larger than other brands, so can handle shoes up to size 12. It is also made from the same 600D polyester with a double lined side to strengthen the sides, and there are four handles to help you move the bag under the bed.

The lid is made from 2mm PVC, 33% thicker than others used, to ensure that it doesn't split or tear. If you are looking to store away stacks of shoes, then this bag is the perfect solution.

12 Pairs of shoes inside the underbed shoe bag