Underbed Storage Bags

When you're tired of just shoving everything under the bed, then the Neusu® Underbed Storage Bag range allows you pack away masses of clothes, shoes and bedding neatly under your bed instead.

If you have limited storage space then making the most of the space under beds is common sense, but just pushing things under isn't very tidy or the best use of space. Our range of heavy duty polyester underbed storage bags have been created especially for Neusu to offer the best quality available.

As with all our products, you'll discover that we've put attention into every little detail to make sure that the bags are the best out there, whether that's handles on the side of larger bags to stop them ripping, or the mesh pocket inside for pot pourri (should you choose), or simply the pocket for the content label on the outside, the Neusu Underbed Storage Bag range offers them all.

The Neusu Extra Large Underbed Storage Bag in Black

Neusu Heavy Duty Underbed Storage Bags

The best underbed storage bags you can buy!

We've already mentioned the unique design of our under bed bags for storing bedding and duvets and maximising your bedroom's storage space, so you know that unlike other brands the larger bags include not one but four handles to help you move the bag under the bed. We also ensure that we use a high quality zip so it won't rip, but all of this would be for nothing if the quality of the material was not up to the job. Neusu doesn't skimp here either; our underbed storage bags are all made with genuine damp proof backed 600D polyester, a heavy duty material that can withstand real use.

It's because of this genuine attention to quality that Neusu underbed storage bags have been used by several hotels and similar businesses, as well as a cruise ship liner company who fitted out their entire fleet using our bags.

Not only do we offer the best quality, and unique design, we also offer the best selection of colours and unique sizes of underbed bags. Most other brands only offer one size, which is similar to our own 80 Litre underbed storage bag, but we also offer the extra large underbed storage bag, and a Jumbo one, as well as a smaller slimline one for fitting under less tall beds.

If you want to store your shoes under your bed, then we also have specific underbed shoe storage bags designed for this. The Neusu shoe storage bags have larger compartments than competitor bags and have double lined walls, and are available in 12 pocket or Extra Large 20 pocket versions.

Full Information on each size of underbed storage bag:
» 80 Litre Underbed Storage Bag (Beige or Black)
» 130 Litre Extra Large Underbed Storage Bag (Beige or Black)
» 180 Litre Jumbo Underbed Storage Bag
» 12 Pocket Underbed Shoe Storage Bag
» 20 Pocket Underbed Shoe Storage Bag

If you are looking for the ultimate bag to store away bedding and have room in a cupboard or spare room, then you might also consider our bedding storage bags which are available in 50 Litres, 100 Litres, 150 Litres and the ultimate Neusu Heavy Duty Bedding Chest, which has a massive 200 litre capacity and features 360-degree reinforced handles.