Heavy Duty Bedding & Clothes Bags – 2 x 50 Litres

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Twin Pack 50 Litre Bedding Clothes Bags

A twin pack of 50 Litre bags with reinforced handles for bedding and clothes.

  • 47cm x 47cm x 23cm
  • 50 litre storage capacity each (Twin Pack)
  • 600D Heavy Duty Polyester
  • 360 degree reinforced web-stitched handles
  • Stackable on top of each other

Customer Reviews for Neusu® Heavy Duty Bedding & Clothes Bags – 2 x 50 Litres

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Our bedding and clothing bag range has attracted a huge amount of positive feedback from customers, and in response to suggestions, we decided to expand the range again with this twi pack of 50 litre capacity bags. They have the same width and length as our 100 Litre capacity bedding cube, so they can be stacked on top or indeed on top of the larger 200 Litre Bedding chest, which is also the same width.

Apart from the additional capacity, these bags differ from the 40 Litre Clothes Bags in respect of the handles. Where the 40 Litres only have web-stitched handles on the sides because they are smaller and designed for lighter loads, these 50 Litre bags have reinforced handles that go all the way underneath each bag just like the bedding cubes and chest, so that you can fill the bags up and lift them when full, even of heavy items.

These bags should fit well on or in wardrobes and are also perfect for use in caravans and motorhomes. Although one of our smaller bags, they can pack in an effective amount of clothes or bedding sheets, and they include the same high quality zip with double zipper to allow you to unzip the lid in both directions that we use on our larger bedding bags.

Stackable Bedding Storage

The Twin pack 50 litre bags can be stacked on top of each other for easier storage.