Heavy Duty Bedding Chest/Bag – 200 Litres

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The Neusu® Large Bedding Chest can hold up to 200 litres.

The Neusu Large Bedding Chest can hold up to 200 litres.

  • 91cm x 47cm x 47cm
  • Massive 200 litre storage capacity
  • 600D Heavy Duty Polyester
  • 360 degree reinforced web-stitched handles
  • Store multiple duvets, all bedding, etc in one large bag

Customer Reviews for Neusu Heavy Duty Bedding Chest/Bag – 200 Litres

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Many large capacity bedding bags don’t include handles, because their manufacturers know that they would break when you tried to lift it. So here at Neusu, rather than avoid the problem, we set out to solve it. We wanted a large 200 litre capacity bag that could handle masses of duvets and bedding, or even heavier items, but still be manoeuvrable. This is the result, the Neusu Large Heavy Duty Bedding Chest.

It’s made from true 600D heavy duty polyester and has a strong zip that can open in both directions for ease of access within such a large bag (91cm x 47cm x 47cm), but that’s where its similarities to other bags end. Stitched around the entire bottom of the bag and up both sides are reinforced strips with web stitched handles. This allows you to fill the bag up and lift it when full (just mind your back!). We have even filled the bag with hand weights to see how heavy it could go, and suffice it to say the bag could handle more weight than we could comfortably lift, which should give you all the confidence you need that this is the ultimate in bedroom/bedding storage!

If this is more capacity than you need, but you still want a reinforced bag, then our 70 litre versatile heavy duty bag is manufactured to the same high standards.