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All our products are manufactured to the highest standards to our own specifications (eg our vacuum bags are up to 80% stronger), so you can be sure Neusu® products are built to last.

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Our products are made for us to a higher specification. You may see products that look like ours elsewhere, but check the specifications and materials. Neusu® does not manufacture products for anyone else.

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To make your Neusu® purchase as easy as possible, all our products can be bought online via Amazon across the EU, or direct from Neusu as mail order.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, but don't take our word for it. We have thousands of five star customer reviews and customer product reviews from verified customers on Amazon where all our products are for sale - today's Amazon rating for Neusu over the past year is: Error parsing: Query returned empty response
What's more, on every product page on our site, you'll find the up to date reviews (updated every 12 hours) of that product from real Amazon customers, so you'll know you can buy Neusu with complete confidence that we're worth every penny. Should you ever need help with any of our products, you'll also get a follow up email via Amazon to check everything is OK and giving you details of how to get in touch or of course you can just contact us at any time via this site. Explore the range and then shop now on Amazon...

Neusu produces the widest arrange of underbed storage bags in the highest quality. All our our underbed bags are made from heavy duty 600D polyester, with damp proof backing. They are made with high quality zips to ensure they don't tear and handles to ensure you can manoeuvre them when full (uniquely our XL and Jumbo bags have 4 handles, two on the front and one on each end, for best use). They are our own bespoke design and the best available, which is why they all have 5 Star reviews from customers on Amazon, and why they have been chosen by both hotel chains and cruise ship lines to use for their bedding. Neusu has four sizes of bags, plus special shoe organisers for under the bed, and many are available in different colours. No other manufacturer offers the quality or variety of choice, making Neusu the best underbed storage bag solution you can choose.

Neusu offer the best heavy duty vacuum storage bags in the UK. We offer genuine 110 Microns vacuum storage bags, which are up to 80% thicker than most competitor brands. Every set of bags comes with a complete set of instructions to help users get years of use from our bags, and if correctly used, these bags retain their vacuum for months on end (see our post on one of our bags retrieved after a year in the loft). There are pretenders, and then there are the genuine heavy duty bags from Neusu that offer the best performance from any vacuum storage bag we have ever tested.

Frequently found at the #1 Bestseller in Amazon's Bedding Chests, Neusu's selection of the best bedding chests has unsurprisingly earned hundreds of 5 Star reviews from customers on Amazon. Made from the same heavy duty 600D polyester with damp proof back as our underbed storage bags, we design the bags with high quality zips and uniquely with handles that go all the way underneath the bags so they can be lifted when full - even our massive 200 Litre Bedding Chest. Like our underbed bags, our bedding storage bags are used by several hotel chains in the UK and Europe, including one set of 5-Star spa hotels - all agree Neusu bags are the best bedding storage bags available.

Solving Your Storage Crisis

Neusu wants to tidy your house. We know that running a busy home means shoes on the floor, toys everywhere and clothes in heaps, but we can help!

We produce home storage products that people need, but in better quality with real attention to detail. What does that mean in practice? It means our vacuum storage bags are made from 110 Micron plastic, 80% thicker and stronger than the standard quality bags from other brands which are mostly 60 Microns. Our storage boxes are reinforced with 3mm board, 50% stronger than standard 2mm used elsewhere and our bedding storage bags are heavy duty, made from 600D polyester with reinforced handles and premium quality zips. In simple terms, Neusu storage products are better designed and better manufactured than cheaper alternatives.

Neusu is part of a privately owned UK Limited company. We sell our products in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain via Amazon and other online retailers. We welcome your feedback and questions, and we hope you find our products useful too.

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